How Every Day Organizing Helps Emergency Preparedness

Good organization equals emergency preparedness


Being organized equals preparedness.  There’s no down side to being a little more prepared in general ways especially important when it comes to emergencies. While it feels uncomfortable to discuss emergencies of any sort, there’s comfort in knowing you have created a plan.  These little steps with connections, paper work and finances, will take a few extra minutes and give you a big benefit later.


Connections in case of emergency

Our family, friends and neighbors are most important during an emergency.  It’s who we rely on and support when an emergency happens.  Be sure to make a family emergency plan, include pets and neighbors. That plan should include where to re-connect and meet up after a disaster.  Have an out-of-town emergency contact also keeps everyone connected.


Update important documents regularly

Maybe you organized your insurance and important documents several years back immediately after a previous emergency.  Spend time each year to review insurance policies, tax documents, and life insurance policies.  Keep a current list of utility account numbers in case you are away from your home. All of this should be updated in your safe.


Financial Preparedness

There’s never a good time financially for an emergency. Create an emergency savings fund and keep cash on hand for emergencies. That would be a significant enough amount, such as $500. Surprisingly during a crisis you cannot access all your funds via ATM.


We are often busy enough and put off getting these small organizing pieces in order.  If you decide to do just one thing, add an Emergency Contact to your smart phone. There’s a way to add your medical information and then test how to open your phone.  In our family, we have Find a Friend on our iphones. This app identifies where we are just in case.  Decide on one small thing you can do or a series of small tasks to be prepared.



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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I just think being organized makes almost everything easier, and that certainly includes emergency situations. I love the idea of having an out-of-town contact. This is a simple tip for anyone who is being warned about upcoming weather situations. Just pick someone in the moment if you haven’t already, and let everyone know that you will be communicating with that person. Great idea Ellen!

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    You are so right @Seana. Our organizing goes into every facet of life. Truly, your out of town contact does not have to be an emergency contact, simply a reliable contact.

  3. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    There have been many emergencies that I’ve experienced, although not as many weather-related ones like the ones you’ve been through in these past years. No matter how what happens, there will be stress and possibly panic. However, the more organized certain things are, the more flexible you can be. Even if you don’t have everything in order, working on just one of your suggestions can make a huge difference. Start somewhere. You’ll be glad you did the next time something happens.

    One of the things I’ve found invaluable is having a chart/list that I carry with me, which has all the critical information about my mom. I’m her POA and health care proxy. There have been many times when she’s ended up in the hospital, and I’ve had to advocate for her. So having a list of her meds and a brief health history (for example,) has made me be able to help her better and inform her doctors.

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