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Scraps of paper everywhere?  Not sure where your bills are? What about your kid’s papers to return to school?  Organize your papers with a command center.


This custom creation pulling together several solutions for paper can make finding and accessing your papers super easy.  Bulletin boards, wall calendars and wall pockets may be the perfect spot for you to post your paper and get organized.  Having components that suit your organizing needs and create slots for specific categories of papers make it easy to find things.


Here are some ideas to post your paper and organize with a bulletin board, wall calendar and wall pockets.

  • Your bulletin board is a visual reminder of activities coming up.  Its a place to post important papers, schedules, invitations, announcements, and inspirational quotes.  As papers come in, simply pin the most important papers that you won’t want to lose to your board to keep track of them.  If an invitation or announcement arrives, keep it if it has directions, a gift registry, or as a reminder.  Be sure to add this date to your wall calendar as well, since duplication can help too.  Don’t overcrowd  your bulletin board as a clean, neat appearance will serve your purposes better.  Edit what is on  your board regularly to keep up to date.


  • Use 2 dry erase month at a glance calendars on your wall.  We always have dates that are more than one month away.  Having 2 calendars means that  you can keep up to date on activities.  Keep a handy container of different colored dry erase markers to use for different activities or family members.


  • Wall pockets are a fabulous way to keep up with paper.  Have one container for each family member. Have one container for receipts. Have one container for resources like directories.


  • Dry erase board lets you make notes, lists, and check lists.  It is an easy way to create reminders for you and your family.


  • A desk top sorter command station is another way to keep all your papers together too.  Use hanging files with tabs on them, labelled with To Do, To Pay, To File, Receipts, and Taxes.  You can add a hanging file for each family member too.  This compact solution keeps your bills and papers together.


  • Be sure to color coordinate your space. Having colors that match the walls or simply black or white make for a more serene space.

Check out my pinterest board for lots of ideas.


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