My Organizing Obsessions: Wall Pockets

wall pockets organizing



From a young age, I loved adorable small boxes, neatly arranged closets and all sorts of planners.  Of course these obsessions molded choice of my profession!  I’d love to share my current organizing obsessions with you  ~ wall pockets!


Wall pockets are used for paper management in your command center. These can be in your office, kitchen or other places to keep paper clutter away.  You can label these with different categories for your paper, such as To Do, To Pay, or To File.  For your kids, there can be one pocket per kid for incoming school or activity papers.


Container Store wall pocket paper management

Container Store Wall Pocket Charleston style


Office Depot wall pocket paper management

Office Depot See Jane Work Wall Pocket


wayfair wall pocket paper management

Wayfair Wall Pocket


Here are a few ways to use wall pockets and see them in action!


office with all pockets


wall pockets command center



Match  your wall pockets to the colors of the space.  Be sure you have one pocket per category and be sure to label your pockets.  Happy organizing!



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4 replies
  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    Very nice! I’ve never had one large enough to hold full sheets of paper, just a small one that held coupons and other small items in the kitchen, and it tended to get a bit messy. I can see these would be very useful in the office and elsewhere!

  2. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I love walk pockets as well. I recommend them to hold receipts on the inside of a kitchen cabinet, under sinks to hold paperwork for faucets/nearby appliances, and near staging areas. Of course, they can easily get overcrowded, so gotta sort through them on a regular basis, right?

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