Hugs and Happy Organizing Kitchen Command Center

kitchen organizing


Kitchen work spaces and counters get cluttered with papers, toys, supplies and projects.  Help yourself to some inner and outer calm by clearing the clutter in this space.  Setting up your kitchen command center makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

  • First distribute all the items to their proper homes. Have your kids be runners, set the kitchen timer, and play beat the clock. If you are the runner, separate everything into piles for each room first.  
  • Create a slot for different categories of items you intend to keep at your work space.  These categories include directories, cookbooks, school supplies,  bills paying and any other task you want to do in this space.  Remember the more tasks to do, the more that needs to be stored. Assign another spot as the family landing strip.  Keeping this area sacred for the tasks to be done there keeps it clear.
  • Give yourself a weekly, one hour time to work in this area on papers.  This keeps clutter from accumulating.
  • Be sure to include a nearby recycling or trash area.

Hugs and happy organizing!

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