Hugs and Happy Organizing Your Command Center

command center organizing your papers


Hugs and happy organizing are client success stories.  Here is a story about a client’s command center in her kitchen.


Paper is a necessary evil on our kitchens.  It’s best to have a dedicated command center in our kitchen for paper, school supplies, technology and projects.  A kitchen desk and cabinets make up a great station for these items.

  • Clear out your cabinet completely.  Keep this area designated for just the command center.
  • Consolidate office supplies, use bins to keep them together and label the bins.
  • Set  up bins for your kids and your incoming papers.  Label the bins
  • Keep a daily routine to go through the mail and backpacks for 5 minutes daily.
  • Once a week set up an hour to work on papers and other admin tasks at your home.


All good organizing systems rely on having a place for everything. If you have more categories, you need more bins.  Having a good routine for daily and weekly management makes a difference too.


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4 replies
  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    A command center is a “must” and having an organized one in a convenient spot can reduce a lot of stress. I often set these up for clients too:)

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Thanks Seana! I find that most families just don’t have a spot for action paper. This simplifies paper management. Glad you set these up too!

  3. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    I definitely have to work on creating a better command center for us for the next school year. It seemed like too many things ended up on the kitchen cabinet or on my desk! This is on my late summer to do list! Thank!

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