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You want to wear that adorable outfit, but you can’t find the bling that matches it!   Being organized means you can put your hands on those sparkly gems at a moment’s notice.  With jewelry you really will wear it more if you can see it, touch it, and have it easy to access.   In order to do that, you need to know your own organizing style and accessible options. 

First go through and brutally assess what are you going to keep.  What about costume vs. authentic jewels?   Keep what you are going to really use and donate the rest to a charity you are passionate about.  You will be making a difference and feel great about where the donation goes.

Ready to decide on where your jewelry belongs? Here are some options. 

First create a spot where your “every day” jewelry goes.  This is for your wedding bands, your watch, and any other items you were every single day.  This clear acrylic box fits on your counter for safe keeping.

Now decide if you would like a flat drawer spot where you finish getting ready or a spot in amongst your clothes for the jewelry.   You want to be able to see jewelry to decide what to wear.  Both of these options make for very visual and very accessible jewelry. 

In addition, you can hang necklaces and bracelets on clear pushpins on the wall next to your vanity or on the wall of your closet. 

Accessorizing makes us feel totally together! Create an orderly space for your jewelry so you can be your very best!

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  1. heidi
    heidi says:

    Great tips, it’s easy for jewlery to get out of control and if you don’t create a good system for it, you’ll never end up wearing much, because you don’t want to dig through the chaos to find a particular piece! 🙂

    I also like to suggest ice cube trays for organizing earings and rings if you’ve got an extra drawer to stow them in a vanity. A very frugal option too, as you can find sets of 2 or 3 at dollar stores.

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