Organizing Your Purse for Work

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Can’t find your keys, phone or badge at work?  It’s the little things that matter when being organized at work.  Did you know your purse is an important part of organizing and productivity?  Not only will you be be effective and efficient with an organized purse, you will feel more confident.  Here’s the strategy for organizing your purse!


Start with a medium size cross body style purse.  This medium size purse holds your phone and wallet.


Use a small fold over wallet for your credit cards and drivers license.
Add in a larger handbag with divided sections for  your iPad and notebook.


Finalize with a wristlet  for use throughout the work day.  Transfer your smart phone to this purse, keep your badge and pens in here all the time.


Stack all the purses inside the larger handbag as you travel to and from work.

  • Keep your keys in one pocket of this larger bag to be sure you know where they are at all times.
  • Designate a receipt pocket for all those tiny slips of paper.
  • Clear out your purse weekly to keep up to speed.


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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    Great post, Ellen. People forget that “everything needs a home” applies when you are out and about, not only when you are in your house. I love the reminder to have a designated spot for receipts, and to use smaller containers where you reliably keep specific items.

  2. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    This is very smart. I started carrying a smaller purse when I found I didn’t need to carry that much, but now when I do have something larger, I end up putting it in a less than elegant tote bag. Why didn’t I think of a purse inside a purse?

  3. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    Good ideas Ellen. I have different purses for different needs. I can’t carry too heavy of a purse due to my neck. So I try to only put in what I need unless we are traveling. I use smaller bags withing my purse to separate items as well. I tried a purse organizer but it was to big, heavy, and hard to take out.

  4. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    Thanks Seana, Janet and Autumn for sharing your thoughts.

    Your right Seana, those receipts really cause chaos in your purse.

    Yes, Janet, purse nesting will work for you.

    It’s true that a specific purse organizer may not work for you Autumn. Safety and health first!

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