Over Acquiring

My clients remind me about over acquiring or purchasing “large” quantities.  It can be that the items are “on sale” and an over purchase is justified because they are saving money. Perhaps it is because they will be gifting an item and it is a gift for many different people. Or simply the purchase hits an emotional appeal due to depression, grief or other need. 

The first step in any process is realizing the scenario. This is difficult.  How do you assess if you are an over acquirer?  Think about the quantities you are purchasing.  Even if you are purchasing groceries on sale, are you seeing yourself as buying too much? Do those around you ask you about the quantities you are buying?  Knowing if this is a common problem for you is the first step. 

There are strategies to prepare yourself for the over acquiring mode.  Even if you are not an over aquirer, and just purchasing in general, these questions can apply to your purchases.   Be prepared to take a minute to reflect before the purchase. Here are some thoughts to think through.

Do I need it? Can I borrow it from a friend or family member?

Where will I place it once I purchase it?  Will it be consolidated with the existing amount to fit in the designated “home’?

Is it durable, well made, and affordable for the need I have?

How many do I need? This is most important.  Assess a number you can use regularly and keep that number uppermost as you shop. Regardless of the item, use this number as the guideline for number purchased.

Be mindful of your purchases.  It is easy to over do and under use!  What keeps your purchasing in line?

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    It can be very tempting to stock up on things when they’re on sale, especially non-perishables such as paper products. As well as considering how much storage space I have available, I try to notice how often certain items are on sale. When you shop strategically, you hardly ever have to pay full price for everyday needs!

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