DIY Personalized Christmas Gifts


DIY Personalized Christmas gifts

The most treasured of gifts are the homemade ones.  The most expensive gift is not as treasured as the one made with love.  It’s what we all think makes our holiday special.  Holiday treasures are around us in our homes and all it takes is a scanner to create a personalized holiday gift.  These four personalized holiday gifts will make everyone in your family feel so very special!


Family Recipes

Imagine your family’s treasured recipes preserved together in a family cookbook.  Not only will you enjoy the goodies, you can also feel the love seeing the handwritten notes of your family member.   Choose a group of goodies that are especially meaningful.  Don’t be overly ambitious about quantity and limit your total recipes to no more than 50.  You can categorize your recipes by appetizer, main dish, side dish or dessert.  Your Family Recipe book can be kept digitally online or published as a book.


Keepsake Correspondence Collection and Genealogy Book

How often we receive letters and cards that we keep that have special meaning for us.  These treasured correspondences would be wonderful as a collection.  Scan in letters, cards, certificates and other memorabilia for someone you love. Give these as a book or a set of digital files.  What a wonderful way to celebrate a life well lived!


Tabletop Art Book

You have this year or possibly even years of artwork from your kids.  Why not create a personalized holiday gift of art for your family?  Grandparents treasure a book filled with their grands coloring, drawing and art.  Have your child and you work together.  Choose art work wisely and keep 20 items for scanning.  You can scan these or take a photo with your smart phone.  Upload this to make a hard cover coffee table book as a gift.


Antique Photo Collection Display

Take a trip down memory lane with a family antique photo collection. Perhaps it’s a collage to display on a wall. Maybe it’s a collection of frames in a hall way.  Or it could be a family photo book. With leading the way, family genealogy is a favorite.   Choose 5 family photos to group together. These could be your dad in his navy uniform, your parents at their wedding and their 50th anniversary, or you and your siblings throughout the years in Christmas photos.  Sharing family photos keeps your family connected in a special way.



There are many creative ways to use your scanner.  Take advantage of this tool to make your holiday gift giving special.  What ways are you using your scanner this holiday season?


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