Best Practices for Holiday Productivity

best practices for holiday productivity in the office

It’s the time of year when most of your colleagues are out of the office. Because you have used all your vacation time or as just as a personal choice, you are spending a few days in the office between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s quiet and there’s a slower pace with fewer deadlines looming. You may feel it’s the least productive time of the year. It’s truly the perfect time to get a few tasks finished up, get organized and learn new technology.


Finish up administrative and financial tasks

Make a list of unfinished year end tasks to complete. Throughout the year, administrative tasks and financial reports can be put on the back burner. Prioritize the most important of these tasks, especially monthly administrative or expense reports. Take advantage of technology to scan receipts quickly with your Neat to complete your expense reports efficiently.



Get Organized

It’s been a busy year and your office shows it! It’s time to eliminate paper and see the top of your desk and floor again. Set a timer to get you started and go through all papers. Recycle or shred multiple copies, drafts, or printed emails. Create paper files or scan information to consolidate and create effective document management.



Learn new technology

A quiet, undistracted environment is the best place to immerse yourself in learning. Perhaps you have been put off updating equipment, adding your Neat scanner, or learning new software. Holiday time is when you can have more time in case things don’t go as smoothly as you like or installation requires a call to experts.



As the new year begins, you will feel ahead and be more organized because of your extra time spent in the office.  A little productivity at holiday time makes a difference.


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