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organize your crafts

Getting your crafts back into order in the spring makes crafting more fun! We are busy with our kids and jobs, and then our crafts get all wonky! Having a great station for crafts is the first step, but re-organizing them each spring to be sure they are easy to access and categorized by how we use them makes this hobby so much more fun.

The craft station is located in the kitchen, where mess is not a problem. It is set up in a large open cabinet that is an open without shelves. My client and I used the Container Store Busy Boxes(C) for grouping crafts. The Busy Boxes have wheels and becomes carts, which makes them easy to move next to the table. Each section of the Busy Box is different heights so we can take advantage of the vertical space. They are easily attached or separated from each other to be a tray for the craft too.

Within about 30 minutes, we were able to transform the space back to its original organized look and function.

What about the crafts in your home? How are you getting back your organization in your hobby space?

Images courtesy of The Container Store, www.containerstore.com.

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    Looks like the perfect craft storage solution for anyone who has to store their craft supplies in a different spot than where they work on projects. Considering most of us don’t have a dedicated craft room, that’s just about anyone!

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