Start Your Spring Organizing with Dollar Store Organizing Products

Organizing products can be durable, effective and inexpensive. 

At a recent trip to several dollar stores in our area, here is what I found.  Some of these same items are available at Target, WalMart and the Container Store, but cost only a $1 here!

  • Set of 3 small white cubes. Use these in your vanity for makeup or hair products or in your desk for clips and post-it notes.
  • Sterilite DVD or CD holder. Use these for media containment, one for each type of media.
  • CD notebook for your car.  Or at home and eliminate case chaos.
  • Set of 3 toiletry bottles for travel.  Get your travel bag together and keep it organized with these bottles.
  • Cord or holiday light holder to wind your cords around.  Nothing worse what cords tangled and in a knot.
  • Plate holder for your dishes. Double stack and add extra storage in your kitchen.
  • Ice cube trays for jewelry or office supplies.  Easy way to get access to accessories.
  • Cupcake carrier.  And you know, I am bonkers for cupcakes!

Visit your local dollar store and share what did you find!

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    I love the dollar store! It’s a great place to find colorful plastic bins that are perfect for holding small items in the classroom or a child’s room.

  2. leslie josel
    leslie josel says:

    Ellen: Love this post! I am actually doing a segment on The Better Show in April on dollar store organizing. I just went yesterday and had the best time. I found pool noodles that I am using for boot shapers and some clothespins I am going to use to hang jewelry! So fun! Love what you found!

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