Important Documents

important papers and vital documents


Not long ago, life proceeded smoothly on a regular basis. In the past few years, that’s not the case. Emergencies seem to occur “regularly.”
Life’s emergencies require organization. Whether it’s a natural disaster, the death of a loved one, or evacuation from your home, it’s important to be prepared with your important documents. Gathering these together before an emergency gives you peace of mind.


Use this list for a reference to get your important papers in order. Remember, every family and every situation is different. Check with your lawyer and accountant to be sure you include all pertinent papers.


There are several ways to keep up with these papers.

  • Keep these papers in a notebook with tabbed slash pockets. No need to punch holes. Label the tabs with the name of the document. There are notebook systems like Life.doc to set up your system.
  • Keep these papers in a fireproof home safe in labeled folders. Your safe is portable, so it can be taken along with you.
  • Scan these papers. You can scan in your papers and keep them safe regardless of your location. Then the information is kept in the cloud. There are no worries about having all the papers with you all the time this way as you can access them wherever and whenever. By scanning, you can digitally share with family, friends and others.




Will, Durable Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will/Directive to Physicians/HIPPA release form

Declaration of Guardian and Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains

Revocable Living Trust

Driver’s license

Safe Deposit Keys and Bank address

Social Security Cards

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Adoption papers, Divorce papers, Military discharge



Copies of home and auto insurance, with Insurance Agent name and phone number

Home closing documents

Home Title, Car titles and other Vehicle Titles

Utilities phone numbers and account numbers


Medical and prescription insurance cards


Prescription names and amounts

Doctors names and phone numbers


Bank names and account numbers

Name of financial adviser and phone number

Investment account numbers

Copy of taxes

Original life insurance policies

Loans and outstanding debts

Credit card copies

Credit reports

Royalties, Certificates of Deposit, Stock Certificates, and other investments

Emergency Contacts

Family and Friends

Home helpers and neighbors that have access to your home

“To be contacted” in case of death or illness


Passwords to all online accounts, as well as answers to security questions

Burial policies, Pre-paid funeral arrangements



Get started today on gathering your important documents.  You will be so glad you did!