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Insider’s Guide to Selling Clutter Online

insider guide to selling clutter online

There’s a value for everything.  When we decide that it’s time to eliminate and declutter, we want to find a monetary value as an incentive to let go.  We see that others are selling stuff and want to cash in on our clutter.  However, although it looks like everyone is making bank for their old items, not everything will sell for what we think is its value. There’s lots of sites to use too. Here’s the insider guide to selling clutter.

Do your research

What does your item sell for when it’s purchased new? What have others sold it for?  Do your research online to find out what’s the real value. Researching on Ebay, you can find completed sales to learn the price others have sold the item for or if it has sold.  Once you know the amount, you are ready to set your own price.  Quick sales occur by creating a great deal.  It is recommended to set the price at 25% of the original cost.

Certain sites are best for certain sales. Local sales are best on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor. Use Poshmark, ThreadUp, RubyLane and Etsy for vintage, crafts or clothing sales.  Decluttr, Swappa or Gazelle are great for selling electronics back. Choose your site for quickest sale and highest price. 


Setting up your sale

Make the most of your sale by using many photos and many sites.  Your area has many different sites that sell. Taking multiple photos helps purchasers learn more about your item.  It’s a visual way to enhance your sale.  Write a lengthy description of your item including all the bonus aspects of your item. Include the size of your item as well as many other descriptions about it.  More is better here.

Keywords are important. Uses hashtags, designer names, and lots of details. A well written description with lots of information helps you sell more quickly and answer fewer questions.

Use many sites to sell your item

Take the time to list it on 2 sites to maximize your sales possibilities.  People have their favorite sites they look at regularly.  Take advantage of this option to maximize your efficiency and sales.


Check for sales regularly

Being responsive to inquiries is important. Check the sites or enable the email function to have questions sent to you. You may need to answer questions about your item by email and text to hone in on a sale.


Safety first

When you are selling online, be aware of the many different possible scams. Do not send any money to a prospective purchaser.  You can create a selling gmail account, such as ellensells@gmail.com, to keep your email clean.  Use your intuition about where to meet, who is with you when the purchaser arrives and take cash only.  Provide your address only once you are ready to make the sale and all your questions have been answered.


Good luck with your sales !




Online garage sales

online garage sales


The 21st century has brought a new kind of garage sale! It’s the online garage sale, posting to sites where waiting customers review your items and connect with you by email.  Virtual garage sales are an easy way to make money from your clutter  as well as eliminate unwanted goods.

There are many advantages.  Online garage sales are typically free. You can post your item any time day or night.  You take pictures, prices your item, and upload your information typically anonymously.  Writing a detailed description, including size dimensions, brand, and other details make your item more attractive to buyers.   The best way to price your item and see if it is valuable is to check the prices of similar items on E-bay site’s “completed listings”  section after the auction has ended.  For a local online garage sale any items, regardless of size and weight, can be sold.  You can meet your buyer at another location and they pay cash for your item. For national sales, think about the cost of shipping and price your shipping in the cost of the item.  Be sure to receive payment in advance of shipping.

In Houston and nationally there are many online garage sales.

  • Craig’s List and Ebay are the best known online garage sales.
  • Post your item on an local online garage sale.  In the Houston area, sites include KingwoodYardSales.com, TheWoodlandsonline.com, houston.bookoo.com or chron.com.
  • Use Gazelle.com, a trade-in and recycling firm, that helps sell all sorts of items, from cell phones, laptops and tablet computers to digital cameras and video gaming consoles.
  • Sell your used cell phones to www.cellforcash.com to get top dollar for your used phone.
  • If you are still wanting to rummage for more traditional garage sales, you can use Yard Sale Treasure Map and Garage Sales Tracker to find a live garage sale too!