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Spring Forward for Personal Growth

spring forward for personal growth


Is it possible to use the change of clocks to move ourselves forward? “Spring forward” or the change to daylight savings time has become more of a challenge for all of us. We feel a sense of jet lag during the two weeks after we change the clock. Here are 5  tips to help us feel better and be more productive in the days ahead.

Plan an earlier bedtime

The change in the clock is something we can use to our benefit. Ease into the time change by starting your evening routines 30 minutes earlier. This is for us and our family. Turn your clocks ahead the Saturday in the later afternoon of Daylight Saving Time weekend to wake up to the proper new time and get an earlier bedtime that evening. The benefit of getting more rest won’t counterbalance the effect of the change, however, more rest is always a good thing! Keep this change of bedtime and create a routine to springboard for getting 7-8 hours of rest.


Benefit from longer evenings

The best perk about daylight saving time is the additional evening sunlight. Take advantage of this with an afternoon run, evening walk, or time outside. Creating an alternative to evening screen time benefits your sleep. Open your curtains once the sun rises and also spend time outdoors early in the day. Natural light in your space in the morning also aids in greater alertness. There are documented benefits of daylight for better rest and cognitive function.


Spring into better food choices

Spring into eating more plant-based, veggie options. Fresh veggies introduced at this season bring interest to the table. Focus your meal planning around veggies first, then proteins. Move toward fresh options that include spring vegetables. Reset your meal planning with options that start in the produce aisle.


Spring into household maintenance

Use this time marker to update your household responsibilities. That includes testing smoke alarms, replacing AC and heat filters, cleaning out gutters, or other annual household checks. This annual reminder for home maintenance saves money on repairs.


Spring into decluttering

As the clocks spring forward,  start your efforts to refresh our living spaces. Begin by selecting the simplest decluttering tasks to kickstart the process. Whether it’s tidying up a junk drawer, sorting through a stack of old magazines, or clearing out expired pantry items, starting with manageable tasks sets a positive tone for the larger decluttering journey ahead.


Embracing the opportunity for personal growth as the clocks spring forward offers more than just a chance to adjust to the shifting hours of daylight. It’s a powerful step towards cultivating a sense of renewal and efficiency in our lives. Make the time change a positive focus for your personal growth and success.