Thanksgiving Dinner Organized

organizing thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving is a one of my favorite holidays! It brings together all that I love! It’s our family sitting together, lingering, chatting and enjoying each other at our dinner table.  It’s a food festival with special seasonal treats like noodles, bread dressing and gravy.  It’s a day of thankfulness, blessings and mindfulness.  Here are a few tips for Thanksgiving Day Organized.


It’s also a day to be especially organized!


Invite guests

Make your plans and invite your guests two weeks ahead.  Knowing who is coming is a blessing to you and your guests.


Decide on your meal plan

It’s fun to share the day and share the cooking. Who will bring the turkey? Who will bring what side dishes? Who is bringing the pie? Share the responsibility and also get some help from Mrs. Kroger.


Grocery shop and prep early

There’s a lot of food to buy and veggies to prep. Start early with both of these to be sure you have enough time and energy.  Turkeys need time to thaw and cook properly.  A great timeline helps you stay organized.


Enjoy your day

Enjoy the day with family friends.  A game of charades, snooze on the couch, afternoon walk, or color pages can make for a little extra fun.  It’s the little touches that add to a special event and make family memories.


What makes your Thanksgiving Dinner organized? What tricks do you use?


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  1. Sabrina Quairoli
    Sabrina Quairoli says:

    Love the tips! I start shopping in October for staple items. They are usually on sale then and I can stock up so I have everything I need when the holiday approaches. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah Soboleski
    Sarah Soboleski says:

    I don’t host Thanksgiving, but I make sure I have the dishes planned I’m going to bring to my host’s home. This includes making sure I get out the insulated travel carriers from the basement! No likes a cold casserole!

  3. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    We are having a Thanksgiving with friends this year so it will be less formal and more fun considering there will be four adults and five kids we are outnumbered! Thanks for the link to the time line that works so great if you are having a large Thanksgiving dinner!

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