Write Stuff Down to be Productive


The biggest lie I tell myself is

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”


Remember when life was so simple we just had to remember one telephone number to chat with a colleague, family or friend.  Just 7 simple digits and we chatted directly.  Now we have 2 or 3 numbers per person to remember.  But we still think we can remember it all!


Write Stuff Down (WSD)

For me it’s always been natural to write stuff down.  Ever  since I can remember, I had a small notebook to write down details.  If it’s not so natural to you, there’s lots of reasons to start.  In the book, Write It Down,  Make it Happen, author Henriette Klauser notes that when you write down your goals and dreams, these become reality.  When my clients find old notes, they see that they have often finished tasks and accomplished goals.


More reasons to Write Stuff Down (WSD)

For many of us, writing  helps us embark on our work.  It helps clear the fog in your head.  It can help you process and break a task into smaller, manageable units.  Once written, you can prioritize and filter out the more essential tasks.  Michael Hyatt refers to writing stuff down as the “secret to accomplishing what matters most to you”.


Notepads, Apps and More

So now you are ready to start? Or maybe you already write stuff down, but on post its, envelopes and the back of paper plates.  Here are some great options for WSD to help you consolidate and organize your notes.

  • Evernote ~ commit to Evernote “notebooks” your thoughts, ideas, tasks and more
  • Arc ~ customizable notebook with removable pages
  • Office Candy ~ adorable, small notebooks


For each of these options, you can create a category and put your note where you will find it again too!


Now’s the time to give your brain a break and get started.  What option will work best for you?  What other apps or tools help  you write stuff down?



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