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holiday happiness mindfulness


The holiday season can become a blur.  There’s extra to do, to make and to finish. Company’s coming and your home is not ready.  There’s gift buying and wrapping.  There’s family photos and cards to write.


At the same time we are grateful for our family’s being together and the abundance we are blessed with.


Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present.   Being in the moment you can enjoy your accomplishments and share time with your friends and family.  These 10 mindfulness tips will help you stay in the moment during the holiday season.



1. Make a list and move forward.  When we have too much on our mind, it’s hard to be in the moment.  Getting it all down on paper helps free you up.  Have a weekly planning time to get it all done.

2. Delight in nature.  It’s a time of seasonal change and beauty.  Take a few moments every day to notice the color of the leaves, the duration of the day and nature around you. You are in touch with the changes around you.

3. Focus on fun.  Got leaves? Rake them together and jump in. Hate laundry? Host a laundry party with music and snacks to get it done and off to closets.

4. Nurture yourself with rest.  When we think we have too much to do, our rest is the first activity we diminish to add more time to the day.

5. Embrace inclusion.  Include other’s in your celebrations that are unable to join their family for the holidays.  Adding more people multiples the joy of the season.

6. Troubled by a rude relative or stranger? Think about being overly kind throughout the holiday season despite a difficult situation.  Instead of ruminating about it, return joyfulness.

7.  Share gratitude.  Hug your family, friends and strangers to share the joy of the season.  Write a note to express your gratitude.  Call or text to say thanks.

8. Give yourself extra time to savor a moment.  A little extra time between events and errands makes for less stress.

9. Work together with others.  Delegate and partner with people and resources around you.  Incorporate your family into holiday organizing and activities.

10. Keep spirituality in your season.  Materialism is everywhere and it’s hard to keep yourself grounded.  Whatever your belief, choose one activity that taps into your spirituality.


Wishing you a joyful holiday season!

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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Reading this list just makes me happy, Ellen. Each idea that you’ve shared about incorporating mindfulness into the holiday season (or any season, for that matter) is just lovely. Number 6 is a good reminder. It’s so easy to get set off by others. But activating more kindness within, exhibiting some letting go, and returning to “joyfulness,” makes much more sense. Most appreciate that reminder. Breathe and move on.

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