10 Tips for Mini Emergencies


The world is a crazy place right now! Every day we are faced with mini emergencies that make our lives a little more difficult. Follow these ten tips for those “just in case” situations.

  • Know your options for a flat tire.  Have the phone number for roadside assistance handy in your cell phone.
  • Place a key and a back up key outside your home in a hidden spot. In case you need one and forget to replace it, you have a spare.  Make an extra car key and keep it in your purse or wallet just in case. 
  • Keep flashlights with batteries ready to go, consolidated in a basket in your laundry room.  No power at the last minute is not a problem.
  • Add the In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact to your cell phone.  Use an ! in front of the contact in addition too so it will be easy to find in your contacts.
  • Keep a list of email, cell phone and home phone numbers of your family in your wallet, cell phone or Evernote.
  • Purchase an extra cell phone charger for your car and to travel.  Being out of power means being out of touch.
  • Make a list of all the medications and all the allergies of family members. Store this in your cell phone notes under Medical Information. You will have this with you in case you are headed to the emergency room.
  • Keep emergency medical telephone numbers such as doctors, poison control, veteranarians, and rescue personnel in your cell phone or posted by your telephone.
  • Be in touch throughout the day to know your family’ plans.  Know where your spouse, kids and parents will be throughout the day.
  • Teach your kids your cell phone and their grandparents cell phone numbers. They will be able to contact someone just in case.

What is your tip… just in case?

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