10 Ways to Stay Organized While Moving


organized move

May is National Move Month! Though you may be excited about moving to a new place, you may not be looking forward to the move itself. Organization will help you get through it.

  1. Declutter first.  Go room by room and eliminate what you have not used, what’s broken and what’s trash. It saves you money to have less to move.  Donate the items you don’t want to the local Goodwill or have a garage sale to make some extra money for your move. Remember, what may be trash to you may be someone else’s treasure.
  2. Take inventory. Create a spreadsheet to list your items.  Specify which room will be used for what use.  Assign furniture to the room for use and storage.  As items are packed and unpacked, you will be sure all your items arrive and are placed appropriately.  This is also valuable information for your home owner’s or renter’s insurance.
  3. Start packing early. Pack by room or by use.  It will take longer than you think to get all the odds and ends as well as the big items packed safely.   Pack a “last out, first in” bag. It can be packed in overnight bags and kept apart from items going on the moving truck.
  4. Label everything. Yes, everything!  Label the box on 3 sides, including the top.  Write what the room is and what the items in the box are. Have plenty of sharpies or colored tape to write this on the boxes.
  5. Use plastic bins. Bins can be reused once you are in your home or office for other storage as well.  This is especially helpful for seasonal decorations.  Purchase the bins with lids, pack your seasonal items in those and then stack in the garage without worrying about the elements ruining everything.
  6. Update your address.  Start early with letting other’s know your new address by email.
  7. Organize your papers and bills. You may have 2 sets of bills and papers when you move for a short time.  It’s a perfect time to update your online bill paying system with new account numbers and addresses.
  8. Research and choose a well established moving company. Review online reviews to be sure you have a reputable company to move.  Find a company that fits your budget and your move date.
  9. Work as a team. Write a list of all the tasks related to your move and divide up the responsibilities with your family.  Check in each evening to check off what has been accomplished.
  10.  Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. A move is hard work! Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your best self.

Getting organized for a move makes all the details fall into place!


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