Be the first to organize with Rubbermaid’s New Bento Boxes

Searching for a new way to organize, with not only function but also beauty and style?  As a member of NAPO I am fortunate to preview Rubbermaid’s New Bento Boxes!  This new concept for stylish organizing makes a difference in lots of spaces.

  • Bento’s Flex Dividers allow users to customize the inside of the box, creating organization solutions that are perfect for a variety of needs. Flex Dividers pop open when needed, and simply pop back when not. Each Flex Divider can be opened or closed separately of the others to create a permanent home for belongings.
  • Bento Toppers™ can be used in two distinctive ways. One way is that it can be a tray to display and contain items. By using Bento Toppers this way, you can create boundaries for items that can often take over a counter space such as magazines or mail. Use the Bento Topper on its own, or resting as a tray on top of a Bento Box to contain items like remotes while cov-ering the contents in the box below. The second way to use Bento Toppers is as a lid for the Bento Box by simply flipping over the Topper. This way you can hide things (such as personal bathroom items) that you do not want everyone to see but are needed for easy access. 
  • Bento Boxes and Toppers come in variety of fabric designs and colors to compliment any home décor. The boxes were designed to hold common household items such as DVD & Video Games, File Folders, Mail, Toys, Hair Care Accessories, Audio & Video Accessories, Magazines, Board Games, Crafting Supplies and Office Supplies. Bento Boxes are stackable to make the most out of your space. Covered with polyester, the boxes are durable, yet easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Bento boxes are available at, Fred Meyer and They range from $8.99 to $27.99 in price. This makes them an affordable stylish product!

Thanks to Rubbermaid, I received a set of Bento boxes in red.  These are already storing art supplies and toys in my home!

Want to win a Bento Box? Leave your comment on how you will use this fabulous new product in your home! Contest ends on October 20!

I did a random drawing, entering all the names and the winner of this fabulous set of boxes is Kitty!  Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas!


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  1. Kitty
    Kitty says:

    I’d use it to organize all the stuff that floats around the living room but looks bad. Things we need and use but there is no place for the: blanket throws, tv schedule, etc.

  2. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    These look GREAT!! I would use a few to help categorize some of my son’s smaller toys. I could also use one for my paperwork (bills, mail, magazines, etc).

    I would like one (bigger one) by my bed for keeping hidden the random stuff that ends up on dressers. It would be great for that because of the changeable dividers. I would have the lid as a bedside tray for my book, a notepad, and glass of water.

  3. Amy J Volkers
    Amy J Volkers says:

    These would be great for storing & showing my jewelry samples, as well as laptop, kindle & accessories. Takes the idea of business in a box to a whole new fabulous level since I could take them from my office to car to hostess’ home or office. Along with maxizing living in small space, looks like great form, function & feng shui. Would love to see purple added 🙂

  4. Dominique
    Dominique says:

    I just recently moved and still have some of my things that I couldn’t find a place for in my bedroom in moving boxes. I’d use these to store some of my books, video games, dvds, and cds. And any of my electronic cords and game controllers- I have a cat who chews and destroys any cords she comes across. I really love the added flexible dividers and lids that can be used as trays!

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