How your Dog helps you be more Organized

dog helps you be more organized

There’s lots of reasons to have a furry family member.  You want unconditional love all the time.  You think a dog will help your kids be more responsible.  Your family is not complete without a pet.  Did you ever think how having a dog will help you be more organized? It will!


Dogs help you have routines

Dog require care on a regular, consistent basis day in and day out.  As a dog owner, you want to care for your dog.  The routine walking and feeding of your dog gives you structure for your day. Typically your dog’s care takes place around the same time each day.  Having a new sense of routine gives more order to your day all together.  You have a sense of time and when tasks should occur.


Dogs help you exercise

We have the desire to exercise daily, but we may not be able to initiate this daily.  With a dog, we happily walk or run on a regular basis.  Being more active on a daily basis helps you with clarity and focus. Regular exercise starts your pattern of healthy habits like improved nutrition.  Exercising with your pooch helps make daily exercise a routine too.


Dogs remind everyone to pitch in

Dogs keeps us working as a family team.  Everyone takes turns walking, feeding and caring for your dog.  Working as a team means that your family will pitch in on other responsibilities too, such as meals and laundry.  Getting your family rallied with your pooch means that you are teaming up together.


There’s much comfort in having a dog.  The bonus of being more organized helps everyone!


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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I totally agree! Sometimes clients ask me if adding a dog to an already busy household with children is a good idea. I normally say that when you have children, you are a surprisingly stable stage of life. You have routine. You have daily requirements. You don’t travel spontaneously. This is actually a good time to get a dog, and get every involved in caring for it. Having a dog also is good for older/single people for similar reasons. Pets provide a reason to do things in a routine way, which is good when your external environment lacks structure. Great post, Ellen!

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I miss our black lab, Norton, who we adopted from Guiding Eyes. He helped the family in so many ways (routines, togetherness, humor) and inspired us too (unconditional love, enthusiasm). It’s been many years since he’s passed and we haven’t gotten another dog. We DO talk about it. We even visited a local pet supply store recently (new in town,) just to see what it was about. As my husband and I left, I said to him, “This is a ‘gateway’ store.” Who knows. Maybe a new furry friend will be in our future. So far, the jury is still out.

  3. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    Jo Jo really helps me get exercise! We were walking four miles a day in the mornings. Need to start doing that again. She also has a regular grooming appointment, pet sitters and I have to stay on top of buying her treats and American Cheese which is her FAVORITE! She is also teaching our son so many lessons about being careful and gentle, not teasing, and responsibility. Great post!

  4. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    @Autumn – I love that Jo Jo’s favorite food is cheese. That was are go to way to get our pooch back if she ran off. Sam is a great “brother” to Jo Jo too!

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