Fall Fresh Start

fall fresh start more people organize in the fall than the new year


Fall has started and we are ready for a fresh start too.  With the routines of back to school, vacations complete and holidays approaching, we look forward to a fresh start.  It just feels right to get back into routines. According to Scientific American, Fall is a “temporal landmark” or date that sets our fresh start feelings into motion.   More of us get organized in the Fall than the New Year.  Take off with that Fall Fresh Start feeling with these tips for freshening up spaces at home and at work.


Fall Fresh Start for your Closet

Still looking in your closet and seeing nothing to wear? It’s time for a Fall Fresh Start.  Take a good look at what has not been worn in the last year and be brutal.  Let go of clothes that you would not wear today. If you would not wear it today, despite the weather, you’re probably not going to wear it at all.   Not sure if you can be brutal alone?  Invite a friend or family member in there with you and get their honest opinion of what to keep.


Fall Fresh Start for your Kitchen

You’re back in the lunch cycle and dinners at home need to be easy.  Holidays are coming and that requires more time cooking. Get a Fall Fresh Start in your kitchen by clearing out the pantry. Take items out, check expiration dates and organize this area like a grocery store.  You will see what you have extra items, know what’s ready to go for lunch and dinner, and be ready for holiday preparations.

Fall Fresh Start for Your Papers

Take 15 minutes at a time to review papers at home and at work.  There are papers you have set aside and now are ready to shred or recycle.  Each fall more papers have come in as activities gear  up from our own special interests and our kids’ back to school.  Your Fall Fresh Start for papers includes eliminating paper, making fresh categories, and getting back into good routines for administrative work.


At home, set aside an hour to create files, eliminate files and do a little tax preparation.  It’s a good time to really dig deep into your files and be sure you are only keeping what you need. It’s time to actually do some filing!


At work, check on not only your files but also your command center. It’s the spot where your projects and resources are easily accessible.  If its become stagnant and filled with completed projects, renovate it with what’s current.


Fall Fresh Start for your Desk

If your desk has become cluttered with everything including the kitchen sink, a Fall Fresh Start is what you need to boost your productivity.   Clear the surface of paper and stuff.  Keep out on your desk top only the tools you need and return items to where they belong.  Remember to use a list rather than an item as a reminder. Gather up your sticky notes and place them in a resource notebook rather than posted on your computer screen.

Fall Fresh Start for your Digital Documents

Digital documents can be harder to find than paper documents. Our digital disorder takes time and creates frustration.  A Fall Fresh Start is what’s needed to easily access data and add productivity.  Look at your files and check out what you need.  Add general, broad files to house documents.  Remove or archive documents for completed projects. Move items from your desktop or from emails to your digital files.   It’s a bit tedious but makes finding documents and spreadsheets much easier.


How to get started on your Fall Fresh Start?  It’s adding dates for your work to your calendar and working in a team.  Your date is your commitment to work.  Your team will make the work easier and more fun.  I hope  you will share your Fall Fresh Start work here too!


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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    Yes, start the season with a clear desk! Probably a fair amount of what is piled on top is from the summer or even last spring. Can be a time to get a few “easy hits” and make you feel empowered to face what is coming!

  2. Sabrina Quairoli
    Sabrina Quairoli says:

    Great idea! I love replacing my spices and herbs this time of year before the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I usually use spices and herbs for cooking and baking. Thanksgiving is a great reminder to update the baking supplies too.

  3. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    What a fascinating stat that more people use the fall to get organized than the New Year. I guess fall is a type of new year with the start of school and the definite change of seasons. I like anything that inspires change and action…and the seasons are something that have always motivated me to rethink.

  4. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    It is surprising that there is more traction to be organized in the fall. It’s definitely about inspiring change, especially with our physical surroundings dramatically changing.

  5. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    Normally I LOVE a fresh fall start but since we are STILL trying to finish up our summer projects we are getting a late fall start! We haven’t even been up to the mountains yet to see the fall foliage and elk rut! So we are running behind! Thanks for the gentle reminders!

  6. Natalie Gallagher
    Natalie Gallagher says:

    Wow Ellen, i’m all about getting my ducks in a row once the kids are back to school. It seems that during the summer months, everything unravels at my house. This is a nice checklist of how to get our homes and lives back in order. Thanks!

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