Fido and Fifi need organizing

Fido your pooch and Fifi your cat need your help! They are happy in your home, but they need a little TLC with regard to organizing.

  • Healthy pets need routine care.  Keep your pet medicines in the kitchen in easy to access spot. Mark your calendar for monthly medicines and annual shots that keep your pets in great health.  Use your recurring events feature on your phone or your paper planner to mark in these important dates.  
  • Daily walks with your pet enhance your and their lives.  Make it easy with a pretty hook for the leashes by the door.  Assign a time, once a day, that you get out and enjoy the fresh air with them.   
  • Share the responsibilities of pet care with your family members.  Post a community chart with your kids’ assignments for feeding, walking, and bathing your pets. 
  • Keep your pet foods in air tight containers on the floor of  your pantry.  Having a measuring cup in the container dedicated to feeding makes it easier too!  

Our pets are our family! What do you do to remain organized with your furry family members?

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    I have a specific shelf in my kitchen cupboard that’s just for pet treats. The dog has a lot more different ones, so they’re in a large Tupperware container, and the cat’s are beside it on the same shelf.

    We have a fridge magnet with dates to check off when we’ve given the dog her monthly medication.

    The dog food and cat food are stored in the hall closet (as we have no pantry) and each one has an appropriately sized scoop kept in it.

    The leash is kept by the door (no pretty hook though) and our schedule is so simple we don’t need to write it down to know whose turn it is.

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