How to Un-do the Over-done

There are many ways we go over the top!  It may be over purchasing, over eating or over committing.  But there are a few small ways we can un-do the over the top.

1.  Start with an awareness of where we go over the top.  It is when we are sad, mad or lonely. It is when we are bored or just need something new.  With this awareness comes the power to change. It is when we next feel that emotion that we can stop going over board.

2.  Un-doing something needs to start with a baby step.  It can be just knowing that we can have a slice of pie, but not the whole pie. We can order one new blouse online, but not every color.  We don’t have to be on every committee on the PTA, just one what we are really strong.  Paring down and establishing a minimum are ways to move away from over the top.

3.  Creating loving accountability can help us reign in our over the moon behaviours.   Loving accountability is trusting someone to help you stay on track.  It is sharing what your goal is, then having that trusted someone be there for you.

4.  Know what is enough by setting good limits and boundaries for yourself.   Is enough a number? Like a budget? Is it a feeling? Like being full after dinner? Is it an emotion? Like satisfaction?  Start learning what your “enough” is so that you can put it into practice.

Do you know what “enough” is for you? Share your way of knowing!

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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:


    This is a fabulous post! I love the great examples you share for how we can overdo things and how to identify those things, feelings, emotions. These are great suggestions and reminders.

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