Get started scanning!

It’s an exciting day! You have decided to start scanning to eliminate your paper clutter and free up time, energy and space.  What’s the first step? How do you get started scanning?  Check it out here!

get started scanning


Intro to scanning

So how did my own Neat installation go?

  • I planned on 2 hours, but it did take me more time.
  • Install your Neat connect and cloud, first, then install with the computer disk.
  • I wanted to review the tutorials too, which added  a little more time.
  • This is a powerful tool with lots of great technology. Start with a baby step that is not as important but is valuable to you.  I suggest scanning a receipt or business card first.
  • Patience is an important value in starting new technology.

Learn more creative uses for your scanner here.   Learn from the Neatologists. 


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