Homemade Holiday Gifts

Homemade gifts are gifts from the heart.  We all have ornaments on our tree made by our children when they or we were young.  We have cherished small table top decorations in the same way.  Some ideas for homemade holiday gifts:

Create a family cookbook.  You can print it or give it on a flash drive to family members.  Our family created a family cookbook last year to share within our family and with family friends.  We use it constantly during the year to find frequently made foods.  

There are also many online scrapbooks to create with family photos as well.  Check out  http://www.smilebox.com/scrapbooks.html.  Family photos can be shared and cherished in a new way this way.

Bake your favorite recipe and share it with friends.  Our family has an irresistable toffee recipe that I am baking this year!  A traditional favorite is fudge too! http://www.christmas-cookies.com/recipes/recipe191.fantasy-fudge.html

Every family cherishes ornaments for their tree.  Familyfun.com has lots to choose from! http://familyfun.go.com/christmas/christmas-decorations/christmas-ornaments/

Assemble a homemade gift basket with a theme.  Hot cocoa, a mug, and a sweet saying can be gifted together.

Gift a gift in a jar.  http://www.allfreecrafts.com/giftinajar/index.shtml

Homemade holiday gifts are a treasure!

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