How I do it! Organizing Tips from Leslie McKee, CPO, COC

I love the concept of sharing our inside secrets as organizers. Throughout the month of May I have asked my colleagues to share what works for them.  I know you will enjoy this guest post from Leslie McKee, owner of McKee Organizing Services.


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My colleague and close friend Ellen Delap asked I write a short blog piece on how I stay organized.  I thought it was a great idea and it really made me think.

When you do what I do for a living, you often hear “Your house must be perfect!” and I simply smile and say that it’s really not, but it works!  I think that might be how I do it.  My goal in organizing is to make room for FUN and to get things DONE.  I keep things streamlined because it is just easier and helps my brain work.  The motivation is to go do something else.  My mind seeks order in everything I do and when things get complicated I lose energy.  This forces me to keep things simple and deal with less.

I notice when something seems like its just taking too much time and not giving me a big return on my efforts.  That defines frustration for me and I do one of three things immediately.

1. I decide whether it is worth doing.

2. I try to simplify my approach

3. I get help.

I have an easy time letting myself off the hook when I feel stuck and don’t spend a lot of time torturing myself.  I just keep moving.

So, my tricks and tips aren’t about how to fold your socks or organize your files.  For me, it’s more how to keep it simple and get on with it!  How to let yourself be free of the burden of being perfect and not to make organizing become a job in itself.


Certified Professional Organizer and Coach, Leslie McKee began her professional organizing career in 2000. Her business is comprised of hands-on organizing, personal assisting and coaching.  Leslie inspires clients to live more simply and with purpose.  In her coaching she specializes in helping people identify their strengths and work more efficiently to build a life that fits.  Leslie has been featured in the New York Times, WSJ and on NPR, and she appears locally on Pittsburgh Today Live and KDKA Talk Radio.  For more information contact Leslie at 412-341-8754 or via email at


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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    What a wonderful perspective, Leslie. Love your thought process of identifying the value, simplifying your approach, and enlisting help. Even better, you keep moving forward without the negative thoughts.

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