Hugs and Happy Organizing: Organizing your Storage

Hugs and Happy Organizing posts are about client successes. Here you will find a happy organizing story about storage.


storage and organizing


If you are fortunate enough to have additional storage, you are truly blessed! Even storage can be in total disarray when we have too much.

  • Group items together that are alike. In storage that may be clothes, games, office supplies or furniture. Once gathered, decide what to keep and what to donate, sell or trash.  Storage is usually filled with items that you have not made a decision about… so make a decision! 
  • Take items away immediately.  You won’t regret this.
  • Place the items on shelving depending on the access you need to the item.  Frequently used items need to be near the door and easy to access. If you want your kids to access items, be sure these are low enough.
  • Label where the item goes so everyone knows where to put it back.

Hugs and happy organizing!




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