Hugs and Happy Organizing! Teen Organizing

Hugs and Happy Organizing posts are about client successes. Here you will find a happy organizing story about teen organizing.

organize your teen's room


Teens crave organization, but often are too busy to work through the challenges of creating systems and routines that work.

  • Offer an incentive and find what is important for your teen. Set a time to work together on the project that works for both you and them.
  • Together purge and eliminate items that are no longer useful or needed.  Allow your teen the opportunity to let go of items, even if you are not comfortable with that. 
  • Group items together that are used together, such as media, books, and supplies.  Think of this as stations within the room.
  • With less items in the space, it is much easier to maintain.  Help your teen establish times to get items back into order.  Our kids are very busy but it is always important to get organized.

What ways have your helped your teen get organized?







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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I’ve had luck providing a big incentive. One summer, when school was first out, I told my teen daughter we would take a road trip as soon as her room and closet were cleaned out. We put on music, worked for 2 days (it was pretty bad..), and then had a great time when we were finished.

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