Innovative Improvements to your Home Office

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The home office has come full circle as being a prominent part of where we live, work and play.  With an increase in telecommuting, the home office is a valuable piece of real estate.  There’s basic set up of your home office.  Make the most of your home office with these innovative home office ideas.


Standing Desk

The standing desk is a new piece of office furniture.  Sitting for long periods of time have health consequences.  With a standing desk that’s adjustable,  you have the option of movement during the day.  This innovation for some of us means we think clearer and have improved productivity.  How to choose what desk? Thanks to, there’s great options to consider. A smaller foot print desk will also give you more space, less clutter on your work surface and more organization.


Going wireless or less wires

We all hate all those wires and cords.  It’s unattractive and unsafe.  There are more options for wireless now for printing, scanning and cloud based document storage.  Set up can be DIY or with an expert.  Going wireless is affordable with the right tools.


Collaboration tools

Our work together is fundamental and  instrumental.  Collaboration tools are what we need to work together on projects.  Our online tools makes it easier to work together and get our work done.  Tools like Trello with boards, lists, and cards help you organize and prioritize projects in a fun and visual way. It’s not a problem not being in the same space with where you can share screens. gives you free phone time together.  Check out these easy to access tools.


These innovations make your office more functional and more efficient.  Making your space easy to use and easy to collaborate create a productive environment.









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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    Collaboration tools is a trend that is really exploding. This is a true step toward enhanced productivity for teams. I am part of an organizers networking group and we have moved to using Google docs for our agendas and minutes. This isn’t exactly new, but it was new to us. So much more efficient!

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