Learning, Listening and Embracing Diversity


As we celebrate Black History Month. I am listening and learning.  These authors, leaders, allies and advocates give me insights into belonging and inclusion.  As we continue to learn, we are embracing diversity.


Black History Month 

Learn more about the origins of this month long celebration.


7 Powerful Lessons Learned from Black Authors

Read about diversity and inclusion from seven well known black authors.


Black History is for Everyone

Author Daily Lovelace shares ways that we are all acknowledging the rich history of African Americans in our country.


PBS Celebrate Black History Month 

PBS shares documentaries and shorts on celebrating Black America.



Learn about prominent Black people who play significant roles in America.



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  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    I have been listening to more training. Our bias underlye so much of what we think. I love learning more about how to be a good listener.

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    What great resources for learning and understanding more about what we might not know. Spearheaded by our oldest daughter, Allison, my little family has a Zoom call every few weeks to talk about racism. We’ve gone about it in different ways, but right now, we’re reading the same book, Ihram Kendi’s “How to Be An Antiracist” and discussing a few chapters at a time. Allison also started a non-profit called The Level Up Project. The organization runs workshops (via Zoom) teaching practical skills, promoting accessibility, and donating profits to organizations that help the underserved. They have a new series of workshops launching in April. For more info, here is a link to the website: https://www.thelevelupproject.org

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