Recycling and Reselling Your Stuff

recycling and selling your stuff

We are all looking for ways to make a difference for our planet. We want to reduce what we have, make better use of our stuff and recycle what we are done with. We are making a commitment to make our world a better place. April is the annual celebration of Earth Day and a time we focus on ways to reduce-reuse-recycle.

However….what if you could save the planet and make money at the same time?  There are lots of sites dedicated to recycling and reselling your items.  Here are some sites that help you do just that!

SwopBoard is an online marketplace to buy, sell and give back to local schools. You can buy, sell and donate money to schools through your sales.

Sell Your Phone On Ebay

Get cash selling your phone on eBay. Simply select your device, see its current value, and list it and sell it.

Ebay Sells for You

Selling professionals handle everything – taking photos, describing your items on eBay, answering any questions and shipping to buyers.  You get 70% of proceeds.

Gazelle gives you an online quote, you ship your stuff with a prepaid mailer, and get paid by PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card.  You can sell smart phones, ipads, tablets and more.

Thredup pays you real money for the clothing and covers 100% of the cost to send your clothes.


Sell used furniture online with this virtual showroom.


Sell your DVDs, books, CDs  and games online. 

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I love sharing ideas on pinterest, especially about reusing, recycling and upcycling.

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