Rules for Life 2021


2021 simple rules for simple living


I have been inspired this year with many ways to be positive and resilient.  Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper has a Sunday To Be list each week that is a synopsis of a person’s goals.  Tim Denning recently wrote a his Overly Simple Rules for a Good Life focusing on rules. His new mantra included “Rules provide constraints in your life. Constraints help you focus. Focus provides clarity. Clarity helps you take badass actions.”


Entering 2021, I wanted to create some life guidelines aka rules that help me be my best and make a difference for others.


Keep it Simple Sweetie

I have to start here. Life is getting more complicated so I want to have a rule that helps me keep focused on simplicity. When life is simple, we enjoy our time with others and live life to the fullest.


Talk less, smile more

These words from Hamilton resonate with me.  I love to learn about the back story, what motivates others and who supports who.  That is when can connect in the most rewarding and authentic manner.


Curate incoming information

We have a lot information coming from a lot of sources.  We must review and process the quantity and quality of this information. Know what are your trusted sources and who you can rely on for truth.


Limit decisions

I like to keep it to only three choices.  I apply that to every decision, whether it’s paint color or breakfast.  Having fewer choices keeps us from being overwhelmed.


Plan and pause

Strategic planning, weekly planning and a daily task list keep me organized.  Adding a time to pause weekly also keeps me organized. This pause happens every Sunday when I take time to reset and rejuvenate.  Life is a balance of moving and stopping that keeps us organized and productive.


Family first

Knowing my family comes first makes it easy for me to prioritize.  Each decision is run through this filter of why I do what I do.  Having this priority makes it easy for me to make decisions, as well as plan my week.


I encourage you as the new year is about to begin to write your list of rules.  It is your way of affirming who you are, what’s important to you and shaping your every day.

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I love your version of KISS (nice than the one I know!). I think there could, and will be, a whole industry about how to properly curate information. There was a day when knowledge and information were power, and now we are drowning in it… much of it, worthless. It is both time consuming and difficult to figure out what is worthwhile. However, we all need to do it. I think eliminating a few sources that we know we don’t want to trust is a good first step. Here’s to simplicity in 2021!

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I love how you created your rules for 2021- all based on simplifying life. We know how complicated and stressful life can be, so knowing your priorities is key. It can’t reduce all of life’s stress, but it can minimize it and bring more clarity to our choices. Your second concept resonates with me. I have a similar one, which is talk less, listen more.

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