5 Smart Organizing and Productivity Statistics

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There’s lots of reasons to decide to get organized.  There’s even more reasons to decide to be productive.  It can be a feeling that you need to be more in control or less stressed. It can be a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  However, there are smart clutter and organizing statistics that may make more of a compelling reason for you to get started.  Check these out!

  • Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in an average home? (National Soap and Detergent Association).  Wouldn’t we all like to do less housework?  It’s a compelling reason to declutter and simplify.


  • The average employee wastes $5251 a year in time searching for information. (ARMA International)  Being organized at work saves everyone money in your business.  It also saves frustration.  In organizing your paper, you are making it easy to focus on what’s most important.


  • 64% of workers feel most productive from 8 am – 12 noon (Wrike Survey.)  Clear out mornings to do your most important work. When we do the first thing first, it’s a big pay off.  Remember to set aside time for your highest priorities early in the day.


  • Americans who own smartphones or tablets spend, on average, 2 hours and 38 minutes “glued” to their mobile devices (Flurry Analytics.)  You may not have realized how much time you are spending with your devices. Set your technology aside to get more done.  Be sure you are charging these in a common area at night to maximize your rest.


  • Research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that the mind slows down when it switches back and forth between tasks.  Focus requires spending your time on a single task and creating a flow of single tasks.  Being single focus means you can check off items and feel good about completion.  Doing too much makes you dumber and slower.


These surprising statistics give you great reasons to get started organizing or find new ways to be more productive.  Whether it’s at home or at the office, it’s good to know there are statistics to back up your efforts.

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    That time on the smartphone is mind blowing… and yet completely plausible. Hard to even comprehend how much life has changed in the past 10 years. A device we used to live without is now the focus of much of daily living. So difficult to practice discipline, yet so very important.

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    It’s the addictive nature of our technology as well. It takes our mindfulness to be sure we are in charge of our tech instead. Thanks for weighing in Seana!

  3. Sabrina Quairoli
    Sabrina Quairoli says:

    I know taking less time cleaning is always an incentive for me to clear the clutter. I don’t care for cleaning but it needs to be done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    It’s a big win when we can clean when there is no clutter. It’s one of those many tasks we have to do but let’s make it as easy as possible.

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