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too much to do time management for the overwhelmed


We greet each other daily with how are you and the common response is busy. Too often we find ourselves too busy with too much to do.  At times we underestimate how much time a task will take, how many responsibilities we have and generally overwhelmed.  Here are some first steps to take to move from from too much to do.


Triage first

When we are overwhelmed, we are often paralyzed. This means that we accomplish nothing. Start first with deep breaths to physically respond with more oxygen.  Take a minute to get a drink of water or walk for a few minutes. Then start with triage.  Triage is sorting the most important and most urgent from the general.  If there’s a looming deadline, your taxes are due,  you have a speech tomorrow, you can tell immediately that these need attention.  What you don’t want to do is check out facebook, go through email to check off the easy responses, or sit staring into space.  Triage and make a list of what is most important. Keep your list to 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs)


Focus on one thing

It’s tempting to multi task to get more done. Research shows how ineffective this can be.  Clear everything off your desk and leave just the one task you are focusing on to work.  Be ruthless about the electronic distractions, like the computer, phone or device, and stay on target with your one task.  Keep on target and set a timer for when you are going to switch to your next task.


Take time to simplify

The real solution for simplifying your schedule is to prioritize and evaluation. There are many good reasons to participate in an activity, solutions to challenges and connections for us to make. Find the best reasons and the best connections for yourself.  It may be difficult to let go when you have already found something or someone new.  Set aside time for yourself to know what is most important, learn to say no, and let go.


Think about gratitude, being in the moment and self care

When you are overcommitted with too much to do, you feel stressed. Over the long haul this builds and builds.  You are resentful, unhappy, and tired.  Let your gratitude and self care be the prompt for letting go of too much to do.  As you think of the joy you feel when you are at home more, getting in bed early, taking care of your responsibilites without rushing. you will quicky see the bonus of saying no and letting go.  What you are you letting go of today and not have too much to do?


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