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top down planner


As you might guess, I am a big fan of planners! Your planner is a tool to help you process and plan.  We all have our favorites.  Here’s one I’d like to introduce you to that I have recently found.


Top Down Planner  was created to help you achieve your goals by writing them down.  The planner includes 12 monthly and 52 weekly sheets for you to write in your tasks. Each page includes a space to declare your goals so you keep on track to align your tasks with your goals. No more off track activities that bog you down or get you side tracked.


The emphasis on goals makes this planner different.  More than just recording what needs to be accomplished, your goals are in front of you daily.  Having your goals, tasks, and appointments all on one page make for more focused and productivity.  The Top Down planner helps you start at the top of your priorities and work down to ensure your success.


Interested in this planner?   You can buy  it  at  Top Down Planner

OR you can post a comment below about why using a planner makes a difference in your work and at home.

Winner will be chosen by random drawing.  Hope you win!



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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I like having my appointments and “to do” all in the same place. It helps me schedule my tasks rather than simply list them. Nice idea with the goal – I might need to add that in!

  2. Darla Hancock
    Darla Hancock says:

    I went to the Top Down Planner website… were they on Shark Tank? I like how the inside of this planner is set up and love their motto, “plan your success, not your week”.

  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    Love the concept – wondering if there is an option that allows for .30 minute intervals. I have used the Planner Pad for years and loved it for the same reasons but it too didn’t allow for .15 and .30 minute intervals.

    Maybe this is the sacrifice for having the To Do Section included.

    Thanks for sharing!

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