Turning Clutter into Cash

turn clutter into cash


Your clutter can bring in some cash.  Often my clients think about selling their stuff rather than donating.  If you have the time and want to recoup some income from your items, you can turn this clutter into cash. There are several ways to go about your sales to bring in cash. Here are a few options to consider when going this direction with your stuff.


Consignment shops (furniture, clothes)

These shops offer you the opportunity to sell high end items with minimum work.  You bring the items to the shop, they market and more.  Consignment shops take only perfect or nearly perfect, current items. Pricing is done by the shop.  You receive a portion of the sale for your item. Typical length of consignment is 3 months.

Furniture shops local to Houston: The Guild Shop, Stillgoode Consignment

Women’s attire shops local to Houston: Consignor’s Club, Trendsetters, Mustard Seed Resale, Designer Diva


Community Garage Sales (any items)

Throughout Kingwood and other communities, more areas are hosting local neighborhood garage sales. There are tips and tricks to maximizing your income from a sale. During the day of the sale, there is more traffic as multiple families are selling. Be ready to commit time to sorting, pricing, and finishing up after the sale. Pricing is typically 25% of original cost and negotiating happens.


Online associations (collectibles)

If you are a collector, find the online association of that interest.  There is an association for every collectible. A client recently made a 4 figure income from selling Star Wars items in perfect condition.


Online apps and online sales (any items)

You reach many more potential buyers with these apps.

  • Facebook Marketplace
    • People love this app because often you know people in your community.
    • There are so many items for sale from appliances to used wood flooring.
    • It markets for you easily.
    • You make 100% of the profit.
  • Nexdoor
    • You are connected to people in your area which has a feeling of a secure transaction.
    • Post items for free and make 100% of the profit.5 Miles
  • Post your item on an online garage sale, like KingwoodYardSales.com or TheWoodlandsonline.com (or your local community site).
    • There is a small fee for joining or join for free if your car sports advertising for this app.
    • From large to small items, this is a great site for appliances and home goods.
  • Gazelle.com,
    • Trade-in and recycling firm that helps sell all sorts of items, from cell phones, laptops and tablet computers to digital cameras and video gaming consoles.
    • Get an offer and receive a check.
  • Poshmark
    • Sell everything from women’s clothing to handbags and shoes, even jewelry and makeup on Poshmark. An online commerce marketplace for fashion, this app is a great tool for the fashion-forward set who want to clean out and update their closet and make some money in the process.
    • There is a fee for sales.
  • Decluttr
    • Sell DVDs, CDs, electronics and more on this site.
    • Use the free app to scan the barcode and value your item.

In every case online, use multiple good photos. Use specific designer names in the heading of your post to draw attention to the item. Be honest about imperfections and wear. Be prepared to be responsive.  If you are concerned about trust and security, meet at a public common location and ask for cash.


Just remember, what you might think is valuable just may be or may not be. It’s easy to check online with using the item description and the completed sales on ebay. It gives you an idea of the value of your item.  Turning clutter into cash can be fun and feel like a game!


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