How taking a vacation makes you more productive



Look around at kids in your home or neighborhood on vacation!  The joy of longer days to swim, the fun of time off, and time to do whatever they want spontaneously keeps their spirits and energy high.  We can have that too! We can be healthier, happier and more productive with a vacation and time off.  Although it seems counter intuitive, there’s lots of reasons what taking a vacation helps improve productive.


 A vacation energizes you

Working to declutter and organize requires energy.  In our day to day busy lives, we are giving a lot of energy to what is required. We seldom have energy to get done what is required of us in a day.  After a vacation, being refreshed, you are ready to take on decluttering and organizing. You are ready to make decisions and let go of what you don’t need.


Take a vacation and do your organizing

Some times we take a vacation and do the tasks we seldom get to during our typical time at home.  Some of us enjoy organizing but seldom have the time to get organized.  It may be that your vacation is a gift to yourself to get your organizing done.  It makes sense to take a vacation and get your organizing done in order to create balance and serenity.


Open ended time helps you improve productively

When you are away from work, you are more open to fresh ideas.  Your brain refreshes just like when you sleep.  Your time away is taking care of you. It’s a wellness break that is required for you to be your best. “Getting away from a familiar environment help gain clarity on life,” says Adam Galinsky, professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


This year my family will be taking a vacation that helps us all get away. Not only will it improve productivity, it will increase our connectivity.  Share where you will be heading off to on vacation this summer!


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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Ellen- I’m with you 100% about the importance of taking a break. A vacation is an ultimate way to get away, de-stress, reconnect, and have time to recharge. We took some long weekends at the beginning of the summer, which was a great way to kick off the summer. I had a mini break last month. We’re going to have a staycation at the end of August to do things locally…although I’d love to get away for a few day. If we do it will be an impromptu journey.

    Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

  2. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    A friend of mine always talks about the powering of just “getting out of the zip code.” I think this can be so true, even if you are a stay at home Mom. When you are home, it is hard not to look at all the work that needs to be done. We got away in April this year, which I loved, as the weather is best here in the summer. Now that I don’t have to restrict travel to the school schedule, I have more options. Might try and do a long weekend in November as well.

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