Ways to Thrive During the Especially Busy Month of May

Ways to thrive


The beginning of this year ushered in especially busy times. We are heading into the month of May with celebrations, graduations, and special occasions. Like Thanksgiving and the holidays, we have more to do. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all there is happening. There are many ways to thrive and be specially organized during extremely busy times.


Your planner is your road map.

Your planner is your most important trusted tool for being proactive in busy times. Keep your planner up to date as details come in about family celebrations and special events. Look ahead to the upcoming week and be proactive about planning for the weeks ahead. Each day prioritize a list of your three most important tasks to keep on track. Use a checklist to help with tasks and deadlines. Make notes, make lists, and set time blocks to get stuff done. Set a weekly planning time to be sure you are progressing in all areas.


Do your best to maintain self-care routines.

Taking care of yourself helps you do your best. Do the best you can to keep consistent wake-up and going-to-bed times. Drink lots of water to hydrate, get outside for sunshine, and walk as much as you can. Stay true to your exercise routine. Self-care will be your steady guide during busy, fun, crazy times.


Celebrate and be in the moment.

Moments we cherish happen when we steer clear of distractions. Stepping away from work, and being in the moment, gives us rare opportunities to connect. Celebrate every small win with gratitude. Share the joy with a handwritten card or special conversation. These moments build lifelong memories.


Build a bigger team

Being the party planner doesn’t mean you have to miss the fun. Ask for and accept help in all ways and forms. Teens can build a playlist and set up music, attendees can put up and stack chairs, and catering comes in all forms. Have groceries, treats, and party supplies delivered. Look around for ways to make everything easy for you and find support to get stuff done.


Being organized brings you joy during these bustling times. Never miss a minute of fun with these ways to thrive when especially busy.

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I love that you emphasized being in the moment. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed, especially during “crunch” months like May, that we end up missing the good stuff. I know I’m always thinking ahead, and it is tempting to be more focused on what is coming up, or what I should be doing, than on enjoying the fun thing. I especially remember this being the case when my children were little. In hindsight, I would have tried to relax more and fret less.

    Wishing good luck to all those who are under the gun this month!

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Hi @Seana – sometimes the anxiety of the moment overtakes the joy. Keeping our goal of being in the moment is not easy but rewarding.

  3. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    This IS a busy time of year! And all that busyness can make us anxious, stressed, and distracted. But if, as you said, you focus on the moment, it can change your internal state of being.

    I practice mindfulness meditation every morning. The practice is often about being here now, at THIS moment. There are many ways to practice that, but often focusing on something physical like the breath or sensations in a specific part of the body can bring you to the present. This ability to ground myself during the practice helps at other times too.

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