Work at Home: Transitioning your stuff

Working at home requires a transition between spaces. Bringing home papers and more can be the hardest part of this transition.

  • Use a designated slot for each type of paper you bring home.  Slots can be created with accordion files, expanding pocket files, or clear acrylic files.  Label each with the name of that category.  In this way you will always know what you have, where it goes, and where to place it.
  • Tie up your cords and use ziploc bags to keep them easily stored in  your briefcase.  Or duplicate your cords at each location.  Be sure you are never without a way to connect.
  • Wheels are the answer to heavy loads! A wheeled business case can make your efforts easier.
  • Create your own closing ceremony 15 minutes before quitting time.  Giving yourself time to transition and pack  up means that nothing will get lost or overlooked. 

Image courtesy of Office Candy (file tote).

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