30 Things to Declutter in 30 Days Winter Edition

30 things to declutter in winter


Winter brings us time to be indoors and work on our home or office.  It’s a great time to declutter because we realize how much we have and how much we use.  There’s many items that are easy to declutter once we decide that they are well used and ready to move on.  Here’s the winter edition of 30 things to declutter in 30 days.


1. Single mittens or gloves

2. Kids’ winter coats that have been outgrown

3. The extra zip in lining of a coat you never zip in

4. Too tight long underwear

5. Turtle neck shirts that are too hot to wear

6. Itchy sweaters

7.  Single slippers or slippers that are beyond repair or use

8. Extra flannel sheets

9. Winter boots that are too small

10. Extra wire or plastic hangers

11. Extra cans of soup or other pantry items

12. Recycling that has built up

13. Extra linens that overload your closet

14. Smalll appliances that have been replaced with a newer model

15. Excessive grocery paper or plastic bags

16. Snowpants that are too small

17. Hoodie attachment you don’t attach

18. Summer clothes you did not wear last summer

19. Stained or torn hoodies or sweatshirts

20. Makeup over a year old

21. Cough or cold medicine that has expired

22. Pots or pans that are scratched, stained or ruined

23. Mugs you seldom or never use

24. Mismatched glasses

25. Too many plastic cups

26. Broken pairs of glasses and sunglasses

27. Freezer foods past their prime

28. Almost empty bottles of cleaning products

29. Extra boxes that are taking up space

30.  Electronics to recycle


That’s our round up for this month! Now you are in the decluttering habit! Make this last by taking one category a day to the next step, whether it’s to donate, sell, gift, or trash.  It’s keeping items leaving your home or office that makes for a better organized home or office.


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4 replies
  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    So many “easy hits” here to get you going. Once you start clearing out, the momentum builds. I am working on shedding items for each day of Lent, collecting a bunch to donate after Easter. I’m encouraging my family to contribute as well. So far we have a bag with mugs, old linens, a BBQ sauce brush we’ve never used, and a few other things. Love it!

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    I love the idea of shedding items as a part of Lent. I have seen the 40 bags in 40 days too! It’s a meaningful way to not only let go of items but also be aware of how our stuff can help others.

  3. Trish
    Trish says:

    During the “shelter in place” weeks we have gone on a “We don’t need this!” safari through our home, garage, and our business space. It’s amazing how many take-out plastic forks and spoons we have, how much make-up I should have trash (thanks for that reminder!). At our business space, we’re finding mold and mildew we didn’t know about as well.
    Thanks for the list and the inspiration.

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