Snow Day


Snow Day

On January 15, we were treated to a rare delight in southeast Texas. It was snow!  It was snow that started as the pinging noise of sleet and continued in fluffy white flakes through the afternoon.  The weather gave us a rare snow day in Houston.  Now the decisions of how to spend a day at home.


Snow Day as Work Day

In a completely unscientific Facebook poll, most of us opted for getting ahead and getting organized.  Posts ranged from paperwork (so unfun!) to organizing closets.  Most of us took the day to get ahead on projects we had let lag.  That was me as well!  I loved having a productive day.  It seemed far less difficult that other days to be productive since it was “free day.”  For those who chose a work day, I congratulate you on your organizing and productivity!


Snow Day as Fun Day

Half way through the “blizzard”, it was time for me to spend time out and about. I could not resist the opportunity.  Having time outside was a great way for me to think about the kids running and dashing, the real reason we identify as a snow day.  I remember just how important an unscheduled day makes me. It builds my energy and engages me in more thinking. For those who chose a fun day, I congratulate you on seizing the moment for fun!


Snow Day as Possibility Day

We may not have the specific opportunity for a snow day for a while, however you can think about the possibilities. I love the idea of planning a snow day!  What could your snow day bring to you? Could you invent a snow day for yourself, keeping you and your kiddos thinking?  What would the possibilities be?  I encourage you to set aside an annual snow day to rejuvenate and relax.


Learn more about the  possibilities here!


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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I still love a snow day. Of course, we have more of them in CT than you do in Houston, but still, they are always fun. To me they are “permission” to set aside what you had planned and enjoy a treat. For some that is playing in the snow, or watching a movie… for me, it is often baking some yummy breakfast treat.

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I always think of snow days as “gift days.” I love them. It’s an unplanned interruption to your routine. And whenever they happen, the day feels full of possibilities. Depending upon what else is going on at that particular time, I’ve used the days for dreaming, planning, relaxing, or catching up. But however I choose to spend that special day, it just has a different feel to it. I’m always grateful for the gift of different. It also helps me exercise my flexibility muscles in that I need to deviate from the plan. For me, that’s a good thing in that it helps me find the positive in the unexpected.

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