3 Ways to Make Essential Routines More Fun



Routines are an essential part of an organized life. The more you do a routine, the easier it becomes.  For some of us, routines are tedious. It’s in adding spark to the mundane, every day routine that makes it much easier.  There are 3 essential routines for all of us: getting stuff back to where it goes, getting ready for bed, and getting ready in the morning. Take a new perspective on these routines with these 3 ways to make routines more fun.



If the idea of picking up each day and getting stuff back to where it goes is too dull, start by renaming this routine the RESET. A reset is where you get everything back to where it goes.  The best time to do this is every evening, right after dinner. Set a timer and you have enough time to RESET for 15 minutes and then you are ready for the next day.



You and your kids need to get ready for bed and everyone is tired of hearing all the details. It’s time to start the SHUTDOWN.  Explain to your family that when we say, SHUTDOWN, it’s time for you to brush teeth, get in jammies and start your reading.  Keeping it super simple,  your family knows each step and you are all ready for bed on time.


Pandora Morning Music Set

Music touches our inner souls. What if you have a playlist for different routines in your home? Just like the Clean up song for preschool, a pre – set playlist signals time for everyone to start a morning routine.  Morning can be especially rough for some of us and a play list eliminates the need for talking.






Even if you can’t keep your routine daily, you can always get restarted on a routine. Just start back up the next day, morning or evening.  Be positive about your routines and successes too.


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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I love the terms “reset” and “shutdown”… great words that are something other than “cleaning up”… which I say just leads to people shoving stuff away. I often suggest “restore order,” but reset is even quicker!

  2. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    Thanks! It’s all about what you call it to us. I think most families are tired of the same words. It may be a good rotation with reset and restore order

  3. Sabrina Quairoli
    Sabrina Quairoli says:

    This is great, Ellen. I love listening to music in the morning, especially uplifting music. So, I made a playlist that has only uplifting and fun songs. It really does help with my energy and spirit in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  4. Jamie Energiekje
    Jamie Energiekje says:

    Music is definitely one of my routines, the “reset” is a good idea to add. Routines are really good it helps you feel fulfilled in a way, but adding something to your routine can be difficult if you used to a certain routine. Thanks for sharing

  5. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    It’s true – adding to routine can be frustrating. Some times we add too much at one time. It’s easiest to just add onto something you are already successful at doing.

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