Hugs and Happy Organizing: Office Organizing

Hugs and happy organizing are client success stories.  Here’s a story about a client’s office.
Home offices are cluttered!  These spaces are jammed paper, office supplies, books and more.  Why not add more vertical storage to create more order.
  • Each different category of paper needs a “slot.”  Create a slot with a basket labelled for each  type of paper.   These categories can include taxes, small business, utilities, instruction books and other papers.
  • Create more space by going up!  With these additional bookcases, there is a basket for each type of paper.
  • Keep your desk clear by having a slot for unprocessed, unopened or to be reviewed papers.
  • Keep papers in notebooks or magazine sorters so these can be orderly.
  • Editor’s note: Our work together was done virtually!


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  1. Nancy Borg
    Nancy Borg says:

    Super impressed that this makeover was done virtually! As it is, paper processing is such an arduous task in person and I am a very ‘tactile’ facilitator of change. Typically, I’m working side by side with my client creating categories and labelling file folders and pendeflex tabs, while they are sorting through their papers. I can’t imagine I would be as effective virtually. Kudos to you Ellen! Great job!

  2. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    It looks like a totally different room!

    I really lucked out; I received a section of a wall unit from a family member who no longer needed it. I keep my printer and chargers in the open section and my paper products are all stored behind closed doors.

  3. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    @Nancy ~ I love that our work together made such a difference. I typically work side by side my clients. However, with modern technology we can be there virtually!

    @Janet ~ how awesome that you are able to add vertically enclosed storage. That’s a great way to keep your office organized.

    @Sabrina ~ It’s always fun to make a big change working together.

    @Autumn ~ we used a variety of options including facetime and photos. We accomplished our work through a series of sessions together but much shorter than you might think.

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