5 Ways to Eliminate Paper Clutter ASAP

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Lots of small scraps, receipts, and business cards clutter our desks, wallets, and drawers.  Creating systems and routines for these small pieces of paper can make a difference for you.

1. Receipts seem to multiply!  Start by having one spot to collect all of these for one month, such as a basket, a ziploc in  your purse, or a file in your command center.  Decide what receipts you need for returns, taxes or major purchases and eliminate the rest.

2. Coupons can save us money, but only clip and keep coupons you will use in the next month.  Keep  your coupons together in your car in a small accordian file, labelled by categories you will use.  Your coupons will be with you when you arrive at your destination.

3. Collect contacts like business cards and addresses in your command center. Set aside a few minutes to consolidate these into a paper address book or onto your computer in Outlook, Gmail or another electronic system.   Having these electronically, you can search for what you need.  Also,  you can add these in categories such as home repair, plumber and the name of the service provider for easy access.

4. Drop all your paid bills into one box labelled for the current year.   Having an easy to “file” method for the most frequently accumulated papers helps gets paper put away.  Keeping filing especially simple makes a difference.

5. Recycle paper as soon as you pick up your mail.  Before you enter your home, place a recycle bin at the door.  Be brutal and drop paper in before it can accumulate.

What do you do to eliminate paper clutter?

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