8 Routines of Organized Families

8 routines of organized families


Family routines make family life run smoothly.  It’s no secret there are lots of reasons to be an organized family.  It’s these 8 routines that make a difference and help your family be THAT organized family.


1.  Family meetings help everyone communicate, work together and know what is needed.

2.  Grocery shop on the same day or days each week. Never run out of milk, bread or other essentials.

3.  Your family calendar can be paper or digital.

4.  Completing laundry twice a week means everyone can find their jeans and underwear all the time.

5.  Have a landing strip where kids backpacks and your bags sit ready to go each morning.

6. Have a spot your mail comes to each day, open it over the recycling container and shred right away.

7. It could be just once a week, but having family dinner together makes for cohesiveness.

8.  Everyone needs a good bedtime.



Organized families keep up with habits and routines with charts, check lists and signs.  Organized families make time for organizing and prioritize working together to organize.  Organized families know the value of organizing.


More ideas for busy parents here!




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  1. Sabrina Q.
    Sabrina Q. says:

    Great routine list! I manage the family calendar and sometimes, at least until the kids take care of their own schedules, I like to add appointments to the digital calendar and then print out that week’s activities and hang it in the kitchen so if we are not near a device, we can see what is going on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diane Quintana
    Diane Quintana says:

    Great list! I love family dinners. When my children were growing up we made a point of having a family dinner at least once a week. It’s a wonderful way to connect with each other.

  3. Regina Sanchez
    Regina Sanchez says:

    Great recommendations Ellen especially for new moms. I think families are so busy these days that they don’t take the time to put a schedule together … even though it will help. As I meet new clients helping them organize it amazes me that many don’t really have any systems in place to help run and manage their family.

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