After Vacation: Getting Back to Your Life

after vacation getting back to life



Getting back in the groove after vacation can be torture!  We are talking about undoing a pile of mail, a pile of laundry and a seriously un-fun getting back to work routine. It is especially hard if you are not organized.  Here are some tips to get back to to the swing of things quickly.


Set aside time to get back to your routines.

As much fun as vacationing to the very last minute can be, return a smidge early from your holiday. Fly home in the morning so you can take the rest of the day to be picking up mail, starting your laundry and unpacking your suitcase. You will also be ready to get in bed on time to get back into your morning routines.  Getting in at the last minute means you are up late, not as well rested and generally rushed to get back to work and life.


Get mail and email under control first.

For mail, toss/recycle as much as possible. On a “regular” week you might want to scan newspapers and ads.  When you are returning from  your vacation, simply recycle those items. You will not be ready to act on coupons or flyers, so recycle these asap.  Put the bills in the regular spot, but decide that you are taking a break from anything extra in the paper department this week.  Some of us check email on our blackberry while away and some don’t.   Hit delete to get back to basics.    Just decide what is really important those first days after your holiday.  Otherwise, a quick response will do.  Being “brutal” makes the difference for both mail and email.



Laundry is a serious obstacle after a holiday.

Treat yourself to the “fluff and fold” at the local laundromat. It is the way to get back to the baseline on laundry as soon as possible.  Unload the laundry first and get it started, then get back to your suitcase in the next day to unload the rest.  If it is really tough to unload, take one day for toiletries, one day for hanging clean clothes and one day for shoes.  Procrastinating on emptying your luggage does not make your return easier.

And most important – get back to your routines right away.

We  all love the feeling of being flexible, free and under no obligations.  Getting back to your home, work and life require routines.  Bite the bullet and get back to your’s so you are really ready to buckle down.  Get in bed at a good hour,  get your bag together for work, and eat a good breakfast to get on your way.  You will be glad you did!

What works best for you to get back to reality?


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