Company’s coming! Get Organized!

company's coming get organized



Organizing takes a new level when company is coming!  Flylady often talks about CHAOS – can’t have anyone over syndrome. But with a few tricks, organizing can make a difference for you and your guests. Company’s coming and it’s time to get organized!


Set a real date for real company and you will be propelled into action. 

Brain chemistry kicks in and you are focused, energized, and making decisions.  Clients who are determined to invite people over really make change happen!  It can be an anniversary party or a  surprise bday party; whenever it is something very special it makes a difference.


Break your responsibilities into baby steps.

Set a time table that works for you.  Set the date and work backwards, allowing more time than you think to get things done.  Create the guest list and make invitations 4 weeks in advance.  Invite guests 2 weeks in advance.  Make a list of what you are serving and your groceries to purchase a week in advance.  Start your food preparation 3 days in advance.   Clean the house 2 days ahead of the party. Set the table the day before and purchase flowers that day.  The day of the party turn on lights and music, set the food out, and enjoy yourself!


Cultivate team members to help you.

Look at the strengths of your team members, including your kids, to see who can do what. I recently worked with a family where one daughter was great at cleaning, one was great at decorating and one was great at clean up.  They each enjoyed their part of the party planning.   Sometimes a little healthy competition works too.  A husband and wife were working together on painting and putting up storage in a room. As they worked, each judged how far along they were, and both finished about the same time.   Partnering creates success!

When it comes to food, choose what you do best and delegate other responsibilities. With oodles of catering, choose the snacks to make and the snacks to purchase.  Or have a signature dish you make all the time as your “go to” recipe.   Ina Garten  and Sandra Lee, both from Food Network, talk about simple dinner fare.    Take a tip from these accomplished ladies.


Make people the focus, not perfection.

Often clients scurry about worrying about whether the windows are clean enough, the food divinely delish, or the music special.    It is all about your time with your guests more than anything else.    Take the time to really be in the moment of the party.     Just before the party begins, take a moment to survey your success.  It is that time in which you know how much you have accomplished.


Simplify your holiday with these ideas!


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