10 Organizing Gifts for Everyone




It’s gift giving season. While we often think of giving gifts of experiences, you can also give gifts for organizing.  The gift of organizing is a functional, practical and fun way to share.   Here are my top 10 favorite organizing gifts.


Vera travel bag Travel time is the best time to be organized. Give a gift of a Vera Bradley travel accessory to help keep makeup and jewelry organized on the go. It’s also a great gift for people who exercise and get ready at the gym.


little black dress jewelry organizer Enjoy all your favorite pieces of jewelry with this Little Black Dress jewelry organizer.  It’s easy to find your earrings, necklaces and bracelets with slots for each piece.


lay and go lego organizer Gifting legos this holiday season?  The Lay and Go Lego organizer is for you!  It’s easy to store and play with all your legos this year.


bin Too many stuffed animals or blankets in your child’s room? The Sprouts bin is the perfect place to organize and store these.


electronics organizer Our families have lots of technology! Make it easy to store and access with this Kbag electronics organizer.  The zipper section is great for cords or flash drives.


password directory Struggling with all the passwords we have? Give the gift of a password directory.  It’s easy to store at your computer desk.


table topics for dinner Make dinner time special with table topics.  Every one will have a chance to share.

file tote Make it easy to file with this stylish file tote.  Everyone has paper and everyone needs paper storage.


men's organizer A spot for watches, phones and more with this men’s valet.  Keep receipts in the drawer and you are all set!


label maker Everyone loves a label maker!



10 organizing gifts


BONUS     Top 10 non clutter gifts

  1. Once a month cleaning lady at home
  2. Lawn maintenance or semi annual landscaping clean up
  3. Tickets to an event, such as a baseball game, play, or concert
  4. Season passes to amusement park, zoo or museum
  5. Baby sitting for your adult kids to have a date night
  6. Subscription to streaming online tv shows and movies
  7. Donation to a charity of choice
  8. Gift certificates for clothes, music, sporting goods or other items
  9. Spend the day together just being spontaneous.
  10. Professional organizer or productivity consultant


Do you have a favorite non – clutter or organizing gift you love? Share it here!


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Simple Holiday Traditions

10 holiday traditions


Family traditions are part of what makes every family special. Your kids will reflect back to you what are existing traditions you may not realize your family has already.  It’s in creating tradition that we connect with our family.  It’s the simple holiday traditions that are memorable. Here are my top 10 holiday traditions.

1.Purchase a personalized ornament with the year on it for each child

Each year I add a new ornament to our kids’ collections. It’s a special reminder of the year gone by.  I love that our kids will take these on to use on their family trees in the future.

2. An evening holiday walk to see Christmas decorations and sip hot cocoa

There’s nothing more fun that a walk to see the holiday lights in  your neighborhood.  Bring hot cocoa to keep warm.

3. Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with 12 donations to local charities

Your holiday will be especially meaningful with donations to those who have little.  Choose little ways you can contribute with either goods or funds.

4. Add Christmas songs to your Pandora channels

The music of the season brings a smile to our faces. Your music is always with you too!

5. Organize your Christmas cards by binding them together in a book

I love this small way to cherish the holiday cards we receive.

6. Purchase ready-made gingerbread houses to decorate and host a hot chocolate buffet

Assemble your gingerbread houses the day before so they are sturdy.  Decorate and display for a week.  Be sure to decorate your own too.

7. Host a holiday movie night and invite a family to join you

Whether it’s Charlie Brown Christmas or Christmas Vacation, all families have their favorite movie to watch every year.

8. Host a hot chocolate buffet and crazy Christmas sweater get together

Get crazy with hot chocolate mix ins like marshmellows, candy canes, cinnamon red hots and whipped cream for a hot chocolate buffet.  Add in the crazy Christmas sweater phenomenon.  It’s an evening full of laughter.

9. Gather up gently used family coats and bring the donations as a family

We all have coats, scarves and gloves we have not used in a while. Bring these as a family to donate to share the joy of giving.


10. Drop off treats for fire department, police station or other emergency responders in your community

We are supported by many in our community who keep us safe.  Remember them this holiday season with homemade or store bought treats.  It will bring joy to you and those you meet.


holiday organizing holiday traditions



What are your holiday traditions?  It takes just a few minutes of planning, a spot on your calendar and communication with your family to share the joy of holiday traditions.


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Wishing you an Abundance of Blessings!

happy thanksgiving

Wishing you an abundance of blessings this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner Organized

organizing thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving is a one of my favorite holidays! It brings together all that I love! It’s our family sitting together, lingering, chatting and enjoying each other at our dinner table.  It’s a food festival with special seasonal treats like noodles, bread dressing and gravy.  It’s a day of thankfulness, blessings and mindfulness.  Here are a few tips for Thanksgiving Day Organized.


It’s also a day to be especially organized!


Invite guests

Make your plans and invite your guests two weeks ahead.  Knowing who is coming is a blessing to you and your guests.


Decide on your meal plan

It’s fun to share the day and share the cooking. Who will bring the turkey? Who will bring what side dishes? Who is bringing the pie? Share the responsibility and also get some help from Mrs. Kroger.


Grocery shop and prep early

There’s a lot of food to buy and veggies to prep. Start early with both of these to be sure you have enough time and energy.  Turkeys need time to thaw and cook properly.  A great timeline helps you stay organized.


Enjoy your day

Enjoy the day with family friends.  A game of charades, snooze on the couch, afternoon walk, or color pages can make for a little extra fun.  It’s the little touches that add to a special event and make family memories.


What makes your Thanksgiving Dinner organized? What tricks do you use?


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Easy Ways to Organize Your Halloween Decorations

organize your halloween decorations


Pumpkins, black cats and witches are everywhere!  It’s the first holiday of the fall season and a prelude to all other fall and winter holidays.    According to the National Retail Federation, almost 50% of us decorate for Halloween.  Make it easy to decorate for Halloween with these easy ways to organize your Halloween decorations.


Go orange

Organize your Halloween decorations in orange easy to spot totes.  Label the totes on two sides and on top to know exactly what is in each bin.


Inflatable decorations

We love those giant inflatable decorations! Store them in individual 18 gallon tubs to keep them in good condition.


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

Pumpkins can be difficult to store because of their generous size.  Keep these from crushing with extra large ziplocs.  Your pumpkins are all together too.


Halloween lights

Flameless candles, candle holders and strings of lights can be stored together in a small bin.  Wrap the strings of lights in circles then store in gallon size ziplocs.


Just like all holidays, it’s best to make a plan for when to decorate and undecorate.  Enjoy a fall afternoon outside with your family creating a spooky spot on your front lawn.

How do you organize your Halloween decorations?

Happy Fall Y’all!  Check out the fall fun on my pinterest board.

October is the time to start your Holiday Organizing

holiday organizing


Santas have been in Hobby Lobby since July. Orange and black fall decoration organizing bins just arrived at retailers.  Should we celebrate Halloween first before jumping into the holiday spirit?  As surprising as it seems, the best time to start your holiday organizing is now.  There are some basic elements to the holidays that make it easy to organize now and enjoy the season.


Organizing Your holiday lists

Year after year we follow many of the same holiday traditions.  Why not start your lists now?  Some easy to start lists are gift giving and holiday card lists.  These lists are typically the same each year, however starting early gives you the opportunity to review, add and delete from these lists. An early start affords you time to break these lists into smaller chunks.  Gift giving can be more manageable and even tweaked to become a gift of experiences.  Holiday card lists include dates for picture taking, stamp purchases, addressing cards and then mailing.   Getting an early start is one way to be sure you are ready when the holiday rush starts.


Organizing your holiday experiences

The holidays are jammed with get- togethers.  Focus on what’s most important to your family by talking about your holiday experiences. Reflect back and focus forward on what will be the highlights of this year’s holiday season.  Get online early to purchase tickets for events, purchase airline tickets, and set calendar dates for what’s most important to your family. Simplifying your holiday experiences will make every experience more meaningful.


Organizing your holiday decorations

Decorating for the holiday season can be overwhelming. It can be downright Grinch – like when families clash over Christmas trees and outdoor light displays. Start early with your holiday decorating. Take it room by room, inside and outside, or create family teams to tackle different spaces in your home.  Take out your decorations early to see what you are ready to part with and ready to display.  Giving yourself the gift of time to decorate can be one of the most fun parts of the season.


You may still feel a little bewildered at this early start to holiday organizing. But year after year my clients reflect back that they wished they had started earlier on their holiday organizing.  You can start organizing with your Pandora Christmas music playing in the background and your wassail simmering on the stove.  October is the best time to start  your holiday organizing.


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Organize a July 4th Summer Celebration

organize July 4 summer celebration


It’s easy to get in the spirit of our nation’s biggest celebration July 4th.  It takes just a little organizing for summer celebrations for us to have a grand ole time!  Organize July 4th summer celebration with these easy to do ideas.


Red, white and blue

Easy to pull together, our patriotic colors set the stage for fun.  Coordinate your party goods, food and beverages around these colors.  Strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon are healthy additions to every celebration.  Make homemade ice cream and add red, white and blue sprinkles.  Guests love to be a part of the food preparation and are happy to bring pot luck items to share.


Lanterns, twinkling lights, and sparklers bring light to your party after dark.  While waiting for the fireworks, have on hand glow sticks, glowing necklaces and glow in the dark toys.


Patriotic music is a must for this holiday celebration.  Pandora has a special patriotic music station.  Create your own playlist with God Bless the USA.  Choose music from all generations to play throughout the day.


Decorate your home with small flags at your curb.  Place American flag toothpicks in your edibles.  Share your patriotic spirit.


Let’s the fun begin

Old fashioned games are the best!  Think about croquet, frisbee, kick ball and other outdoor games we played as kids.  Serve water infused with strawberries and basil while you are playing to keep hydrated.


Bike rides and picnics are a fun way to celebrate the 4th too.  Decorate  your bike the evening before with red,white and blue streamers in your bike spokes and on your handle bars.  Bring a picnic lunch with a red checked tablecloth.


Rained out on your party date?  Take the fun indoors with charades, Heads Up app on your smart phone, or a top 10 July 4th movie like Independence Day or National Treasure.  Watch one of the national celebrations on tv from Washington DC or New York.


Plan to pick up these items early in the week to stay away from holiday crowds.  Enjoy your day with family and friends as you celebrate our national holiday.


Let’s party! Ideas on pinterest.


How to Organize Christmas Cards

how to organize your Christmas cards



It’s a special time of year and special memories are made from Christmas cards.  Keeping and treasuring your cards is simple with this step by step method of binding your Christmas cards together.  Here’s how to organize Christmas cards with this simple 6 step craft.


organize holiday cards


Step 1 – Sort cards by year.  Also decide if there any cards that you do not want to save and recycle them.  Eliminate without guilt those that are not special to you.
Step 2 – Sort each year by size, from largest on the bottom of the stack to the smallest at the top of the stack.
Step 3 – Use a good, strong hole puncher to punch a hole in the top left of each card. Your hand will hurt if the hole puncher is not very good!


organize Christmas cards
Step 4 – Use a binder ring to keep all cards together.
Step 5 – Create a little card that denotes the year to place at the front.

Step 6 – Tie holiday ribbon around the ring.


organize Christmas cards
Step 7 – Place cards in a pretty basket under your tree, near the fireplace, or another spot that is easy accessible!


Step 3 Display Christmas cards

Another fun Christmas card tip – If you have a smart phone, go through your current year’s cards and take a quick picture of the photo cards. Now you can save these as your friends’ and family’s contact photos.  These will pop up each time you speak by phone!


What are some ways you have organized and preserved your Christmas cards?


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Organizing Christmas Decorations

undecorating and organizing your Christmas decorations


Perhaps you don’t take down your Christmas tree until Twelfth Night. Or perhaps you are tired of all the red and green.   Perhaps you have boxes and bins of lights and linens, multiple Christmas trees, and way too many ornaments to store securely. The end of the holiday season may make you feel overwhelmed with holiday stuff.   Organizing Christmas decorations makes decorating that much more fun next year.

Rethink your holiday for next year by trimming down the excess this year. If you left some decorations in the box, it’s time to take that box off to donate. Top sources of Christmas clutter are that we have changed colors, our garland and greenery has become well used, and we simply don’t want to put so much out to pick up later. Start by deciding what is most important for you and then let go of the extra.

  • As you are un-decorating, start grouping items together in categories. The categories can be the room the decorations are displayed in or the type of decoration it is. You can group items that go in the kitchen, living room or bedrooms. Other categories are table top decorations, linens, greenery or tree decorations. When you see your decorations in categories, they take on new meaning and new function.  Place these items as groups into boxes or bins.


  • Many families are switching over to LED lights and want to recycle their old lights at Home Depot. Make it easy to keep your lights organized by wrapping them around newspaper or a paper towel holder.


  • Be sure to label your boxes and bins on the top and two sides to know what is in each. Especially helpful are ornament bins to keep your ornaments from breaking.  Make it easier to store your decorations with inexpensive sturdy plastic shelving in your attic or garage.  Remember, no cardboard boxes as these attract silverfish and dust mites.


  • Keepsake holiday decorations hold special meaning. Perhaps it’s an ornament you received as a child or from your parents home. If you keep it, be sure to take care of it. Ornament bins are a specialty item you can purchase before the holidays, but often are hard to find after. Share your keepsakes with your grown kids too. Passing these on is the true reason for keeping them.


  • We always have those few random items that don’t get back into the boxes. Be sure to take one last trip to the attic or garage to match these up and put them away.


Un-decorating is the most important organizing step for your holidays. Take the team approach and have family pitch in to take down all the holiday decorations.  It’s a time to reminisce about what was most special, what foods were scrumptious and the best holiday gifts this year.

Organizing Christmas Cards


organizing Christmas cards

Christmas cards arriving daily are a special part of the holiday season. We love looking at the family pictures and sharing family memories from the past year. Even though card sending has diminished and with Facebook as our daily “family reunion,” we treasure our Christmas cards.  But the end of the holiday season comes and we are faced with the dilemma of tossing or keeping cards.  We also have the leftovers from our own cards where we over ordered.  Gather your cards together in a basket or clothespin your cards on a wire to see them throughout the season.  Check out these ways to organize your Christmas cards after the holidays.


Cards from others


There are two schools of thought for keeping or not keeping cards.  If cards become overwhelming, hold little meaning, or become a burden, it’s time to let go of them.  You have my permission!  We don’t need to keep every card that comes to us.  Sit down with a wintery beverage and enjoy an hour of time to read your cards and enjoy the memories of the year.


If you treasure the memories, keep the cards grouped by year.

  • Using 2 D rings, 3 hole punch the side of the card twice and thread the cards through the ring to create a binder.  Create a cover using card stock.
  • Keep your cards in a decorative Christmas box with the year labeled on the front. Store with your Christmas decorations and display the last 3 years each Christmas.
  • Punch one hole in the upper left corner of the card and string a pretty red ribbon through all the cards. Knot it and then tie a bow.


organize holiday cards



If you are crafty, there are many ways to reuse your Christmas cards.

There is wonderful card recycling at St. Jude’s Ranch too!


Christmas cards framed


Your Cards


Our own family Christmas cards are a precious reminder of each year.  Often there are way too many left over.  Keep 5 to 10 of your annual cards, depending on how you are storing them.

  • Use a decorative binder and sheet protectors to store one card per year
  • Using a photo album, add one card each year or make one album for each of your children.
  • Cut up your card and use a photo ornament to hang your picture annually on your tree.
  • Frame your holiday card each year and display these every Christmas in your family room.


Celebrate your family by creating special memories and organizing Christmas cards. Whether is it your own card or cards you receive, create a family treasure with these simple ideas.  Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Wishing you a magical holiday as you celebrate with your family and friends!


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